Saturday, June 21, 2008


It has been entirely too long since I listed anything in my Etsy store. So I get the big idea that I'll list a whole bunch of cards, tags and ATC's that I've worked up these last few weeks......all at once.
Oh, yeah, all at once so that I can kill as many brain cells as possible.
Look at me! Do I look like I can afford to lose any more brain cells???
I spent hours - oh, I'm exagerating - I spent days taking pictures of everything trying to get them to come out with the right amount of pixels for Etsy - what a joke.
I finally gave up and went with what I had after 6 or 7 weeks of working on it - that's why my work looks so much better in person than in the store.
So if you visit my Etsy store - oh, here I am, being silly again - so when you visit my Etsy store, be gentle with me and know that my work couldn't possibly look "that bad" in real life!
Then there's the descriptions - oh, my gosh, I thought I would go nuts. If I hadn't already raised three teenagers I think it would have pushed me over the edge.
Then the 14 words that describe the piece - yikes! Who thought this system up, a man???
The rest was downhill..............until I realized I forgot something in my description and had to go back and add it {several times}.................if I had a sex life it would have been severally hampered by the time it took to go back and add the infamous "The inside of this card is blank, blah, blah, blah..."
I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining - I gave that up many months ago when I started wearing my purple bracelet. I'm simply telling you how my last few days have been.
Blessed, actually.
I am healthy enough to want to spend hours working in my studio and on my computer.
I have a gift that God gave me that allows me to create art that blesses others.
I still have a lot to learn {about pixels and other things} and feel good enough to attack that later.
The friends that I have made through Etsy and actually, more through my blog, are some of my closest friends and they bless me on a daily basis.

I could go on and on but that would just delay you from rushing over to my Etsy shop and buying lots of my pieces of art *most with free postage* which will keep Frank the Tank and myself out of the poor house which is where we are headed.
We really should have spaced out our children as we now have two in college at the same time - have for 4 years and will have for 1 more year - then we'll just have to finish up the baby for three years. That'll seem like a piece of cake!

Isn't that great???

We have three boys that don't use drugs, don't drink, respect their parents, love the Lord, and continue to make us so proud of them. I love my life. I love my husband, my boys, my family, my studio, and I love all of you that read my blog friends. You bless me. So, be gentle when you look at my less than perfect pictures of my pieces.
Oh, and if you think that you've seen everything that I've been working on getting listed in my Etsy store, you're wrong. There's more. Guess you'll have to go to the store........take your checkbook.
God bless you and thank you for being such good friends that a few pixels off doesn't run you off.



cindy said...

Hey gurlfren...Your Etsy stuff is very adorable indeed. Several things that I love, but alas, I just spent $$$$ on a new fridge. Life is fun. LOL. You are a blessed girl indeed. Behave yourself.

: D


kecia said...

yeah, etsy is a big pain in the patootie isn't it? i found if i reduce my photos before putting them on etsy, the loading time is greatly reduced. but all the descriptions and steps they make you go thru - yuck. i usually put it off for as long as possible! hope your new listings keep you out of the poor house! got your charm today (oh, i mean pendant!) it is super cool.

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

You are blessed!!! and I am so HAPPY that you are so filled with creative energy, think you might bottle it and sell me some??? Just joking, but would that be a best seller or what!!??!! -Sandra

Earthtone Studios said...

Wonderful work little miss frustrated. They are all fantastic!


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