Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I did it.I got the studio put back in shape - I won't bore you with the details - i'll just say it was a pain in the bum. The first picture is of a torn-up lamp I wonder what I'm going to do with it??? hmmmmmm...

On the Mexican blue shelving unit I have made the top a place to put mail that needs to go out, movies to be returned, etc., and the rest is for pretties......there's so little that's pretty I had to do something! LOL This is a wee square shallow dish mosaic'd with tiles - couldn't pass it up for .50 cents! Really brought back memories. I use it to display my vintage buttons.
And here, right next to the mosaic'd dish, I have my vintage postcards and I have some REALLY good ones! I also am displaying my vintage spools of thread.
I got these amazing vintage millinary flowers at an antique shop in Indiana. Her store was amazing! I LOVE these flowers!
I had Frank the Tank and Clayman bring my large black shelving unit up to the studio from the barn, went to {stupid} Wal-Mart and bought plastic containers and re-organized. I even went through every piece of costume jewelry i had - and boy, did I throw out a lot of JUNK! I purged from most areas of the was so necessary!
This, you wonder? What is this??? This is a table full of things that need to be put up. Just as soon as that's done I'm going to set up my soldering station! I mean it!!

This is where I work for the most part. Yes, it looks a bit messy and you may be asking yourself where in the heck did I do any purging and re-organizing?? Well, I did. I just have so much stuff!
This pile of precious items are things that I've picked up off of my work table that need a place to go. Hmmmm. I'll need to give this some more thought....
Hello, this is the rest of my work table. I think I need some Calgon, don't you??
Ahhhh, the buttons. I went to {stupid} Wal-Mart and bought clear glass vases(?) and separated my buttons into white, black and special. I still have a huge container of different colors of buttons. Any ideas of what I should do with those? Thanks, girls, for taking the time to read my blog. Are you going to leave a comment to let me know you were here or are you just going to lurk? LOL. Either way, I so appreciate you!

Have a fabulous day!
Love you!



Karin said...

Hmmmmm....that looks awfully familar....oh, it looks like mine!! :)


Blaiz said...

I almost had a heart attack when I read that you threw out costume jewelry. I hope there weren't any stones in the stuff you threw out!

I'm glad the room is better, and I hope to see some new pretties soon.


paula clare said...

Hi Jan,
LOVE your blog. Ideas for the lampshade...I saw a wonderful display using only the wire frame hanging old photos, postcards, vintage trims, etc. all over it, then hanging the frame in a corner. VERY artsy. Looked FAB.

As for the buttons? I was at an altared art store the other day and saw a big frame covered in white buttons...framing (you guessed it) more buttons! It was gorgeous...AND it made use of A LOT of buttons!

Your studio looks great...I would LOVE to have such a space...even if it was a bit of a-clutter!

Heidi ( said...

I loved seeing all your mean supplies! I'm with blaiz```you threw stuff out???? How can you???? You might need it later!!! LOL But, you did well, as your studio looks fantastic! Now...let's see what you're making!!!!!

Tina said...

yea! It looks good...I know you had a bigolddietcoke and set on the porch after that purge...But didn't it feel nice to walk back in there and see all the niceness you did?? !!

Loudlife said...

Jan, Jan, Jan -

What clutter?
What mess?
What disorganization?

You are but an amateur in the Hallowed Halls of you saw it exemplified in my house!


I'm with those guys, too - my heart skipped a beat when you said you threw things out! But I know that it is a sickness (I don't have to keep everything, I don't have to keep everything, I don't have to keep everything...).

Your Clayman looked so sweet - as did Frank when handing him his diploma. I bet you cried, I sure would have been a puddle at that point!


Lisa Gallup said...

I've been in clean out mode as well! It's soooo hard to throw stuff out! I still have a ways to go methinks! BTW, I call Walmart Hellmart. :)

http:/ said...

I think we all have that same problem, too much stuff :) At least it's a happy problem.
Pam :)


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