Monday, June 9, 2008


Hi, y'all!
Are you here to gleen from me the knowledge I have on countering those creative blocks?
I've lived through them just like y'all have and I think this evening I finally hit on the formula for breaking through them. AND IT'S SO EASY!
I'm surprised that one of us didn't think this up before.
You are going to feel so stupid!!
It was that obvious!
Well, now that I have found the secret, I guess I'm the well, the knowledgeable one.
But I want to share what I've learned with all of you - don't worry about it,
it's what makes me so nice.
I was able to take a picture so that you can have a visual to keep with you -
I think that's important that you have something you can hold onto and keep to refer to in the future.
Please feel free to make a copy of this picture -
I'm happy to share.
It's who I am.

Seriously????? I was trying to work and I'll bet that darn kitty, HoodRat, climbed up my back and jumped onto my head before I could blink! And he didn't do it just once, he did it at least three times. He has amazing balance and, well, he loves me.
What a hoot!
I finally had to take him out of the studio and shut the door so I could get something done! But, had to take a picture and show you. Now, don't you feel badly for me??? I'm hassled everytime I turn around! He was a rescue kitty - that's what I get - kitties are for young people, not old artists.......and his name, HoodRat?
Clay named him that.
I named him Baylor.
Clay's scarin' me.


paula clare said...

Hmmmmm...not sure a "pet on my head" would serve to inspire in my case...I have a beta fish and I think Oto would be opposed to spending much time outside the tank. Thankfully, tho, he's not like Blubber the suicidal fish (thank goodness!) Here's where you can see Blubber's bio:

Thanks for the inspiration!

Heidi ( said...

You had me going. You knew you'd have us going. I was wondering, "what in the world could she show us that would guarantee our creative juices to flow????" LOL Hope your back is not all scratched up!

Laurel said...

Oh, Jan, you made my day! What a delightful photo! Now, if I only had a cat.....hmmmmm.....

kecia said...

maybe Hoodrat is actually your muse is disguise and here you go throwin him out of your studio!

Brandy said...

OMG that is funny! Cute kitty too!
However I don't think I will be tring that when I get in a creative funk. My cat is just tooo fat for that.

Tina said...

hoodrat seems to fit, if that is his normal habit...that is just too your head that soft and comfy??

Blaiz said...

Of course, the cat gravitated to the warmest spot in the room! Thanks for the picture!

Attic Rat said...

Well, he's living up to his name - that is for sure! I appreciate your sharing your ideas for creativity, but I'm not so sure that I want to go around with a cat on my head! LOL!!

jennalee said...

Jan- just stopped by to say Hi and thank your for the Birds and Bonnet page. I love the pic of the two sisters with the bird on the head, it kinda looks like Hoodrat. Anyways thanks, for the page, my screen is awesome.

Loudlife said...

Oh, that is hilarious!!! I might find promises of free housework more inspiring, though.

Hey, I gave a link to your blog to a nice gal named Jes Berry who is doing an article on a blog about studio spaces. I told her you had 2 fantastic spaces and she should check you out. Hope that's okay.



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