Monday, June 16, 2008


Oh, how I wish I were in bed, but I just must post this before I crawl into my cave with my book - I really want all of y'all to see what I've done to my entry hall. I should have taken a before and after picture - I always forget that part and you weren't here to remind me. Just trust me that it looks so cool now and it didn't before:)

I couldn't post this without looking up the definition of vignette - I've seen other artist's use it but for the life of me, I had never heard of it before - and I went to college! So now that I've looked it up and know what it means, I can use it......I want to show you the vignette in my entry hall....

Below you see the Baptist Buffet that we've owned forever. It sits on one wall of our front entry hall and the mirror has been behind it since we moved the buffet into the entry. And the lamp has been there, too. Very blah. There was a floral
arrangement on the buffet that looked very out of date {I think} though it's pretty enough. But it's gone and in it's place is.....
My mother-in-law's silver serving set. Oh, it's not sterling, heavens. It's silver plate and very pretty - I personally like it best when it starts to patina which it will in a bit and one of the church ladies is bound to come by and mention how dirty the serving set is. I'll have a rag and some silver polish all ready for them and they can clean it while we visit.

So I put Estelle's silver service on the buffet and then I filled the coffee pot with deep red velvet roses. I use the roses to make bird's nests and will take them out as needed but until then I think they look amazing in the coffee pot.

Oh, and here's a large glass jar of sea shells that my sister-in-law, Leslie, picked up along the beach in Florida for me. Wasn't that sweet? I love the way they look in the glass and every time I see them I am reminded how much I adore the beach - water talks to me.

Okay, that sounded a bit odd, but it does, in a not odd way.

There is a pile of vintage books wrapped with vintage fabric, a vintage glove, held together with some rhinestone jewelry and topped off with a sweet, sweet cherub atop the books.

And all it takes to liven up a boring lamp is a vintage hat! Try it - it's amazing the difference it makes. I love the way it looks now.
Okay, don't panic, the globe with with vintage doll heads and parts is not part of the vignette that greats you as you enter our home through the front door. (My sister said no, leave the sea shells). But the baby globe is going to be a part of the "work room" just as soon as Clay gets off to college and takes the computer with him. Then I'm completely "cute-ing" up the room! But I put this together today and just loved it and had to share it with y'all. It's cool, huh.
And on a lighter note, when I was working this afternoon I spied Baylor taking a nap on a pile of ribbon. How cute is that? So I took his picture - he's so precious. Such a good kitty.
And here's where I woke him up. But don't worry, he went right back to sleep.
Well, that's it. I can go crawl into bed! Thanks for taking the time to listen to me ramble about my entry hall and my doll heads (It's okay if you don't like them. My mother thinks I'm sick.) and sweet Baylor!
Y'all are just the best!



paula clare said...

Hi Jan!
OH MY GOSH, I knew we were kindred "sick" spirits...I have dollheads gracing my fireplace mantle. See "warped" photo here:

For those who answer my "twisted" sense of art with "You need help" I remind them that I AM help! HA HA

Lovely entryway...isn't it great when our home reflects who we ARE and not just where we LIVE?

Nighty night!

Tina said...

Like everything, but the doll parts under glass scare me...

kecia said...

your vignette turned out lovely. looks like you had a great time creating it. i agree with you about the roses in the tea set - very pretty. i just created a little vignette on my back deck. they are nice little areas of comfort, those vignette's!

Rhondamum said...

Can you come over and do some vignettes in my home???

I have NEVER, EVER, liked dolls. My mom had a collection when I was young and some scared me so much. HOWEVER, for some odd reason, I really love your doll parts under glass. In fact, I really love everything you did! Well done!

Our cats are kindred spirits. That is exactly what my black cat does. He plops right down wherever I am and if I am working, he is on top of it!

Hope you have having a good day friend and would love to chat soon!



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