Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I wonder.
Do you still love me?
I haven't posted since last month and every day that goes by without me posting,

I go to bed wondering if you'll still love me in the morning.
Aaaaaa! (as in "cat")
I try so hard to get everything done every day so that in the evening I can post,

but LIFE keeps getting in the way and I seem to stay behind!
Take yesterday for instance.
Phone calls to the pharmacist, the dermatologist, and my internet provider.
The call to the internet provider necessitated a house call *which will cost me money* to switch me from wireless to DSL because our renter's Direct TV non-English speaking idiot (did I say that out loud?) of a satellite man TOOK OUR HIGH SPEED INTERNET SATELLITE DOWN and used that bracket for a new satellite for the renter.
We finally discovered our stolen satellite sitting in the garage AFTER we had switched to DSL. (Trust me, this is not over. There's a phone call to Direct TV in my future and I'm afraid my nice voice is going to give away to my frustrated voice. I just hope that when I call that I'm not routed TO INDIA!)

Is it any wonder that I'm bald, have wrinkles, puffy under eyes, constipation, dry skin, weeds, a husband who can eat 1/2 of a 9 x 13" casserole in one sitting that was going to be tomorrow's leftovers, a studio that looks like a crack house, a dog that sheds, another dog that derives great pleasure in licking her privates in my presence, no ice cream in the house and hate to cook???

I'm so behind, and so afraid that you'll leave me in the morning without even a note on the pillow, that I'm going to post a fascinating group post here to get caught up.
Then, after I'm sure y'all have had time to read this amazing post, I'm going to post the next giveaway.
Oh, my gosh. You aren't going to believe what I found to give away. It will probably cause you to tinkle just a wee bit because you're going to be so excited!

So, on with the photos of my latest (even I can't remember what they are).......

First, let me mention once again that we are going to have the best little art retreat in Texas in June! And, boy howdy, would I ever love to see you there!!

On the trip down here from Kalamazoo in February, I kept my eyes peeled for these kind of soft serve ice cream dives. They have the BEST soft serve!
Did you know that ice cream "parlors" up north close during the winter?
What's with that???
We stopped in some town at the most precious shop as is attested to by their parking sign! Isn't it the best???
Another stop that I always make if I happen to be on I-35 in Ardmore, Oklahoma, is The Cloverleaf...mostly for ideas...they're a wee bit expensive!
If it was for sale, I'd probably have to rent a U-Haul and buy it. I know just the place for it...
I'll never understand why everyone doesn't drive the back roads when traveling.
The photo ops...........see the swans? I think they're real.
I love, love, love taking pictures of old buildings! ...The texture!
A PINK TRAILER with all of the amenities!! I'd almost live in it!
Have I showed you this yet? ...A HUGE Barbie tote! ...Still trying to decide if I'm going to keep it or sell it! I'm always amazed at how much I look like her...
Oh, these vintage hankies! I love them - check out the one with the lovely lace edging. Amazing!
A corner of a fabulous photo I found in Noblesville, Indiana. Look at those precious kiddos!
A whole bunch of vintage patterns and all were simply darling!
I've started collecting Bobbsey Twins books! They were one of my favorite series when I was a kid and I thought it would be fun to try and collect all of them. I'm well on my way - this is the first one.
A 1910 dance card! You don't find these anymore! I was thrilled to find it.
Okay, y'all, that's it! Whew! I'm going to look over at the pillow next to me and am hoping to see your head lying there! LOL
I love my readers - y'all are the best to stick with me when I'm lame! hahaha
. . .Jan


Paula Clare said...

Honestly, Jan, do you think we're the "love em and leave em" type? We are here even when YOU'RE NOT! And we love you still...with all your warts (and dog hair, and bags, and...)

Paula Clare

SarahD said...

Hi Jan..Im here Im not leaving.....Still love ya warts and all!!

Big hugs from the UK

Love sarah xx


Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!


Pam Warden Art said...

Love you forever and a day dear friend! And...I'm so far behind I thought I was first!!!!!

the wild raspberry said...

i was starting to worry a bit....hope you got our package in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Well, BFF, I wondered where in the Sam Hill you were! Good to know you're still kickin' and that the dog is still licking his private parts! The photos are the best (TOAD AWAY!) and I still love you! Don't you hate it when you cook all day and dh eats it all so you have to cook again the next day? grrrr......
Hug a bunch and keep postin'...

Blaiz said...

I've been checking in every few days and whining "when's she coming home?" So I won't be leaving you anytime soon, girl!

Welcome home!

Pam Warden Art said...

You RENTED out my house of dreams??? And see what happens...your thingy's get disconnected and broken.
Ouch, I'm in pain, but really, that just means that whenever I do get to head your way I'm staying with you :) Yeah!!!
Hugs and more hugs,

Sally said...

Still love you, Jan! You are so funny...how could we forget...{hug}Sally (blog award for you on my post)

mendytexas said...

Looks like you are having fun! You always make my day! :)mendy

Sweetina said...

You always make my eyes tear up from laughing so hard,Jan!
Iz could neer leavz ya!
I have the shedding dog and many of the same issues right now so my posts have been like 3 liners.
Life gets busy, but we all are here for each other,Girl!
(Still lovin the cat On the hat picture!)

safeinpsalm91 said...

Oh, what a wonderful post! I love taking pics of old buildings too! Love, love, love coming here!



I am still interested in going to the paper retreat. I am still waiting to find out what kind of work schedule I might have at that time. I hope to know soon.

and yes, we still love you!
- Teresa

summersundays-jw said...

I'm not leaving either because you always make me laugh. I also love the backroads & all the photo ops. I'll keep checking on you. Jan

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hi darlin!

Looks like you had a great road trip and found lots of treasures! And yes, you sent me an email about the workshop. Thank you for the info....I am sure it will be a great success!

Have a beautiful & creative week!



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