Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I may be really, really behind on my blog posting, but I'm sticking this post in the middle of catching up because I promised you that I would! AND AREN'T YOU EXCITED???
My second blog giveaway because my first one was so much fun!
And, look! Look at what I'm giving away!!!

Check out this first photo - it shows the front of the apron which is made of a shear fabric that is patterned in a black floral pattern with SPARKLIES! And, the scalloped botton edge - oh, my gosh!
I have never seen such a stylin', precious, look at me, meet your husband at the front door with nothing else on, serve cocktails stylin', hang on your kitchen wall, stinkin' cute, PINK VINTAGE REVERSIBLE APRON in my entire life!!

Okay, so I *originally* bought it to sell in one of my shops, but as I was walking out of the antique store I thought to myself, "Jan! USE THE APRON FOR YOUR GIVEAWAY!!" and I was so excited about doing that!!

Now, if you'll look at the next photo you'll see the REVERSIBLE side of the apron!
Isn't this just the bomb???
It's pink satin with a pocket made out of the patterned fabric and is just as cute as it can be!!

The picture of this sweet young thing is my youngest son, Clay's, girlfriend, Stacey.
I had her model the apron because her wrinkles don't show.
Oh, wait.
She doesn't have any wrinkles.
(Isn't she simply the cutest thing?? And, she's just as cute on the inside! I absolutely love her!)
The wooden spoon's mine.

And, here's a close-up of the reversed side of the apron.
OH, MY GOSH, are you as excited about this giveaway as I am??? Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

As you know, every good giveaway should have some sort of marketing scheme to grab those that enter who don't regularly read your blog. (I just made that up)
And, since I don't market myself harldly at all, I'm going to use these fabulous giveaways as a marketing tool once in a while starting TODAY because this apron was NOT on sale! LOL

You can enter the giveaway ONE TIME by simply leaving a comment on this post.

You can enter the giveaway TWO TIMES by joining my newsletter mailing list and mentioning that fact in your comment.
(sign in on the right side of my blog near the top - you really can't miss it:) And, don't worry
about getting 4,706 newsletters a week from me. . . .I've had the newsletter sign up box for
about a year and am just now thinking about putting out my first newsletter. hahaha, not

You can enter the giveway THREE TIMES by going to one of my shops
(www.lollishops.com/polkadotbarn or http://www.jthom03.etsy.com/) and letting me know which of my pieces you like best (be honest - remember "marketing":)

You can also enter the fabulous giveaway FOUR TIMES by posting about it on YOUR blog and letting me know in your comment that you have done so.

Leave your comments here letting me know "how" you've entered, blah, blah, and be sure and leave me YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can contact you when you win! (I've only had one other blog giveaway - I'm new at this - but, the winner of my first giveaway didn't leave me any way to contact her and it was, well, okay, I'll just say it, it was not a pleasure trying to find her. However, SHE is a pleasure!!)
*And leave your BLOG URL if you entered by posting about this amazing vintage pink apron giveaway on your blog* so I can check it out.*

I think we've just about covered it!
Oh, I'm so excited about this! This is much more fun than selling the apron!!
I love my readers!
And, I'm anxious to see all of you enter the giveaway so that you *might* win!!!
woooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo


. . .Jan


Tumbleweed Trails said...

I love the apron. My grandmother always wore them and that's how I became attached to them. I could really use another one. Thanks for the chance.


visionquest2020 at msn dot com

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Honestly, picking out an item from your shops isn't easy. You realy do have a lot of neat things and great ideas. I do like the You've Captured My Heart CARD. But I like the pattdrns, wrapped tags and others also.


visionquest2020 at msn dot com

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

That is the cutest dingdang apron I have seen in a long long time :) I do actually wear aprons! Such a lovely and generous giveaway. I plan to go for your three chances to be the lucky winner (fingers crossed). Thank you!
I found you at the PW forum ;)

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I signed up for your newsletter.

I'm also a follower, does that help? lol


visionquest2020 at msn dot com

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Not easy at all picking one favorite in your shoppe! Those vintage hankies sure are cute, ALL of your tags are so creative and really wonderful....what's not to like :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh and I just signed up for your newsletter too....can you tell I got excited :) Thanks again!

Kay Mace at PDA said...

Hi, lovely to see your work! and the apron, weeellll, I'd love to wear it in the kitchen! thanks for the chance..

kay Mace from PDA said...

hi again- I signed up for your newsletter too, and the cowgirl romance tag is so great!

Deluxx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deluxx said...

What fun! And yes, that is one fabulous apron.
I'm going for a lucky 3 entries and picking this item from your etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12757767
The blush card -- It really seems to have a story.
I'm also signing up for your newsletter! (Does that mean I get two more entries, lol!?)

Sorry for the weird deleted comment above -- error on my part.

deluxx AT gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it! I collect aprons! Love your blog too! Trés cute! I can't wait to check out all of your offerings! Thanks for the contest!

SarahD said...


oh wow love this, its so me xxxx

Love your BBF

Sarah xx

SarahD said...

Right I signed up for your newsletter Mwah xxxxx

Deb Neerman said...

JAN!! I found you!

I'll have to read back through your blog to see what you're up to these days but I hope all is well.

I'm still on eBay but ...

Off to xplore your blog now!

~Hugs, Deb


I would be so stylin' wearing that apron. It might even make me feel like cooking dinner (well, I guess I won't go that far)

Thanks for putting my name in the hat.


Deana said...

Great Apron!! I commented, blogged at http://justdeesarts.blogspot.com/ (borrowed your preview pic for the post but gave you credit, hope that was ok if not I will remove it), signed up for newsletter and visited your Lollishop. I love the vintage Easter matchbox that you made!! That should be 4 entries (can you tell I REALLY want that APRON??) LOL

msartist said...

Hi, Love the apron thanks for the chances!fingers crossed 3x !
1.signed up for your mailing list
2. My favorite item on your lollishop is Youve captured my heart
(card)It was hard to chose!Especially with all the vintage patterns ;)
3.and of course leaving you my comments!
4? I am signing in as a follower!
~ I will visit your blog often~ Theresa~ msartist03@yahoo.com

Julia said...

Cute cute! I have nothing in pink like that! Winning it would be total bonus.

I too have a giveaway up now for The Apron Book or The Table Linens Book by EllynAnne Geisel. If you are interested stop by The Apron Goddesses.

Thanks for offering this apron up!

carylsrealm said...

The model is simply darling! And I love the apron! Love it, LOVE it, LOVE IT!
carylsrealm at yahoo dot com

Stephanie Zoller said...

Oh...my...gawsh!!!! I LOVE this apron!! im into ALL things Vintage and a collector/wearer of aprons. And pink and black with glitter!?!?! Im in LOVE! Anyway...I have signed up for your newsletter and went to your website. Im in love with your altered bottle there. Adorable. You are very talented and im keeping my fingers crossed that i win this. :)


Anonymous said...

i would so love to win this! it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

the altered bottle would look great with my others!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you convinced me! And if you promise I'll look as young as Stacey (cutie), I want the apron.
Oh, I'm on your newsletter sign-up, too.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm leaving a comment, I've subscribed to the newsletter thingy, I blogged about it here (http://jenniepowell.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/apron-giveaways/) and my favourite thing in your shop is the antique thimble birds nest (also mentioned in my blog - do I get extra credit?!). Thank you for running this lovely giveaway.

Suzi said...

Cute apron. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

Suzi said...

Oh, my email is

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Hey Jan! Hey Jan...it's me over here! Okay, it's past the weekend, but I swear lifes crazy right now. I signed up for your newsletter (didn't get to it last time) and I peeked in your shop. My fav. item in the shop is: Darling Nest Banner With Ties. I'll get another email to you tonight when all is Quiet.



MoniCue said...

I love pink. I love vintage. I love aprons. Please enter me!


MoniCue said...

And for a second try (I don't blog): I like the thimble nest and the nest banner...see a theme here?


Alex said...

Please enter my name.. Love all things aprons.. any patterns that do well with oilcloth? I have some that I am itching to use..

Maureen said...

What a beauiful Apron. I love your blog and have enjoy reading posts. I would love to have my name entereed in your drawing.

San-Dee said...

hi! I'm leaving a comment-great apron!! I joined the newsletter, and I went to your store and absolutely love the roses tags-how can anything roses be wrong? It can't. And last, I put a comment on my blog about your site, I can't link to it because I don't know how, and my kids don't come home from school until the end of May.....

this is great, first giveaway I ever entered.

The Charm House said...

This apron is tooo cute and somebody is going to look like a rockin' cook in this!
#1 Made Comment
#2 Joined Newsletter
#3 Oh my goodness, Love the way you market your lace on the cards with the images on top! Too cute!
But, my favorite is the Darling Nest! The colors are wonderful and it just makes me want to feather my nest even more!
#4 Of course I am going to post your giveaway!
Hugs and have fun at CowGirl Land!
Wish I was going to be there!

MommaLlama said...

I LOVE this pink apron!!!

and I've posted over at my blog:

Marilyn said...

Oooh enter me please..I just love that apron. Marilyn xo

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Oh, Jan, maybe this apron didn't tell you yet, so I will. She belongs to me. We worked together for many many years in a past life. I'm so glad you're bringing us back together again! :)

One Vintage Hag said...

That is the most precious apron ever. Found you on "The Charm House" blog ~ oh my goodness, I will be stopping by often for sure.
Please enter my name to win ~ fingers & toes crossed.... one of these days I will win a giveaway - my 100th post giveaway coming soon, so stop by and register - only about 12 post to go...
~one vintage hag

VintageCrafter said...

I just love...no make that LOVE! that apron! Please add me to your draw as I would be thrilled and delighted to be the lucky one.

VintageCrafter said...

This is my second entry based on my LOVE of your nest banner. Also...I forgot to add the rest of my email address in my first post entry...OOOPPPPSSSS!!! This is how excited I am about your terrific giveaway.
****smiles again****
This is the correct email address

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Pink & sparkly! Ready with Michigan address. :)


Kris said...

Love your blog. What a fun and creative talent you have.

Please sign me up for the giveaway. I've also subscribed to your newsletter.

Have a happy day


Just Me said...

Now, Let's see:
1. I am commenting
2. I signed up for forthcoming newsletter
3. I think I like the "I Love Being With You" card the best.
4. I blogged your giveaway at http://inpursuitofagodlywoman.blogspot.com/. I added your pic (Cool...first pic I've ever added in a post...Lookie at me...LOL) but if that's a problem please let me know!

That apron is way too cute to work in!! I'd wear that out on the town!! Email is issyandgidsmom@yahoo.com

Angel said...

I'd love this apron!

Angel said...

I love the darling nest banner!

Michele Horne said...

That is such a cute apron! We love pink in my house of 4 girls!

ginnn7 said...

I signed up for your newsletter

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love that apron! What an amazing find.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for your newsletter! :)

Anonymous said...

And finally, I went to your etsy shop and I love your Tussie Mussies! I think your marketing skills are great; everything is clear and catches the eye, catches attention. No need to change a thing!

Patty said...

That's such a pretty apron! I don't know how you could give it away. But I'm glad you are. :)

Patty said...

I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog last night, and then I totally forgot to enter.

SharonAnne said...

Please enter me, as this is the cutest apron ever! Looks like Clay's got a keeper...what a cutie! I simply love aprons, and have a few old ones of my Gram, (she would have been 100 yrs old this Sept) but I don't wear them often for fear of ruining them. Thanks for the giveaway! sharonanne56[at]yahoo[dot]com

sarah crawford said...

I signed up for your newsletter!


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