Monday, March 23, 2009


Oh, my goodness, now don't get upset with me.
Feel sorry for me.
My computer made me cry today.
Well, it wasn't exactly the computer that made me cry; it was the stupid new software I bought, Photo Explosion Deluxe.
The word "deluxe" should have been a clue.

You see, I had to get a new computer. Frank Two Pies' computer crashed and since his computer skills are *shhhhhh* laughable, I told him that I would get the new computer and he would get mine.
Makes sense, doesn't it?
I have/had Vista on my computer and hated it and was so excited to get a new computer with XP.
Ahhhhhhhh, XP. No more Vista.
Well, no more "I know it like the back of my hand" software program either - it couldn't be transferred because going from Vista to XP is going backwards in the world of Bill Gates.
When you really think about Vista, however, you realize how stupid that sounds.

But, alas, I couldn't take my Microsoft Picture It 9 with me so I had to buy a new program.
An easy program simply for fixing the photos of my art for my shops, that's all I wanted.
I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 (don't ask) but I don't have six weeks to learn it.
I needed a software program that I could use NOW.
So, I wasted all day yesterday trying to find a store online and in San Antonio that had my baby.
Nowhere to be found.
So I buy the new software program thinking to myself, "How hard can it be to learn??? It's only 40.00". And by bedtime last night I was in tears.
And, then this morning found me crying, trying to make it work.
It's a stupid program. Don't buy it.

Then, tonight, my over-used, very decayed, not-all-there, brain kicked in and I remembered,
DER - Picture It 9 is still on Two Pies computer!!

So, I've taken some pictures of what I think would make lovely Easter presents and simply must get them before you as Easter is but a few days away! I need to get them listed in my shops, and I will, but first, my blog.
And then..........................THE NEXT GIVEAWAY! Why, I've already got the post ready to go - just want to give y'all a few days to buy up all of these banners I've made (Just leave your email on your comment telling me which one you want and I'll catch ya later. Don't dally - they're going to go like hot cakes. LOL).

Here ya go - my labors of love...............
A close-up of "R and I" to give you a better idea of what it looks like. Those are glittered eggs hanging between each banner flag - so darling!
And, "N and G".


OH, MY GOSH!!! Am I seeing this right??? Have I not looked at this picture a hundred times?
Did I not make this banner?
Do I not know how to spell "NEST"??? ROTF!!
It will be fixed tomorrow, I promise!! *still laughing and shaking my head!A couple of close-ups so you can see how the banner would look with just two letters. hahaha

Okay, I'm off to bed. I'm obviously fried.
I love all of you, my sweet readers!! That's the only reason I can post such a mistake! LOL
. . .Jan


the wild raspberry said...

ggggrrrrr... how frustrating!
the good news is....your banners are adorable!!!!
i love the one with the bird over the "e" best-- but they are all superb!
sleep well...there is always a new day tomorrow...:)

Sweetina said...

oh how frustrating!
I love your banner especially the aqua Nest banner. They are all gorgeous and very pretty!

Linda B said...

I think we all can feel your pain with the computers. However, I LOVE your banners and appreciate your efforts in letting us see them:) I hope today goes better for you! TFS:)

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Your banners are so lovely. They bring me happy thoughts of Easter and Spring. Thanks for sharing the pics. Sorry about all of the 'puter software troubles. I agree XP over Vista any day.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

ha ha ha boy you made me chuckle and smile with the Nets banner blunder. It's okay, nets are great, also! They can catch lots of wonderful insects to marvel over and than turn loose. They are great for scooping up crayfish out of a water hole and also for capturing a baby skunk who's stranded and will surly die if someone doesn't come to his aid. Yes, these things I have done...with pleasure. So, I like nets.

email me at:
visionquest2020 at msn dot com
about your banner with the bird over the egg and an E on the egg.

Little Miss Crafty said...

That banner is lovely as are nets they work the same way as nests and are just as useful, I just wanted to say thanks for my birthday card which arrived last weekend as was a real surprise, I am sending you a thank you atc

Juliet :)

Pam Warden Art said...

Love the NETS :) I did that with a huge watercolor. I skipped a word. Wrecked it, yours is a simple switch-a-roo.
Glad it's all going together for you.
How was the Paper Cowboy?
Love you,

dragonflydreamer said...

You are a joy and I am so happy to have met you and even happier getting to know you through your posts and lovely comments on my blogs. Love the banners. Sorry for the confusion; stardustmoonbeams is my original blog, dragonflydreamerdesigns is my newest blog for my upcoming etsy store and exploring different art and crafts blog.

Anonymous said...



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