Sunday, May 24, 2009



Blake, our middle child, graduated this month from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor.
Now, that might not be interesting to many of you, but to me? It's totally worth blogging.

Blake is an amazing person, someone you would be blessed to know - everyone that knows him would tell you that - he's simply awesome in ways that most of us strive to be every day.

Okay. The pictures.
I'm going to give you a description of the photos and leave it at that. No more "text" except for pic descriptions.

Let's start with the flowers that were in our room when we got to Killeen the day before the ceremony. They were laying on the bed with a card and note from our dear son.
I felt like Barbie - flowers in the room.

I'm the one that found the vase.
Frank Two Pies aka Frank the Tank, enjoying the room.
Blake's sweetheart of a friend comp'd us the room and it was such a blessing.
Thank you, again!!
Clay was lovin' the TV - there was a basketball game on - I was really glad that we didn't have to watch HGTV or some nonsense like that.
A very proud mom and a very proud daddy with Blake after the ceremony.
Blakers and Clay. Clay is a sophmore at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.
I get to do this one last time in three years.
Uncle John (the Tank's brother), me (John is always asking for my kisses), Blakers and daddy.
Craig *he's there in spirit - he had to stay in San Angelo and catch bad guys and couldn't come*, me, Blakers, Clayman and daddy.
The whole family.
I knew you'd want to see yet another picture of me, Blake and daddy.
I aim to please.
This is a picture of Brat, Blakers and Will.
Brat (short for Brittany) is like Blake's best friend.
Will is Brat's understanding boyfriend.
We all love Will.
Brat is like a daughter to me. She's wonderful.
Ahhh, Uncle Emil, Blake and Aunt Melinda.
Melinda is my cousin and one of my fave fives on my phone.
They live in Belton where UMHB is and they were always there if Blake needed anything and actually, they made it so much easier to leave him at college his freshman year especially, knowing they were there.

Melinda and I have been close all of our adult lives and they've both been "Uncle" Emil and "Aunt" Melinda to all of our boys. They're wonderful.
This is a picture of Greg and Laura's precious daughters. I have momentarily (yeah, right) forgotten their names, but they were at the PAR-TAY that their parents threw for Blake at the fitness center after the ceremony.
Friends of Blake's from the fitness center digging into the amazing food that was prepared!
Blake and one of the patrons of the center.
She adores Blake.
Look at the smile on Blake's face.
Enough said. Let's move on.
Brat with her baby.
Oh, wait, that's not unmarried Brat's baby. I'm sorry, Brat. Editorial mistake. ROTF

This is Greg, Blake's boss, who threw the party along with his precious wife, Laura.
I only got to speak to him for a few minutes, but in that short time I could see why Blake admires him so much.
He's standing with the sweetheart (for those not in the know, when I can't remember someone's name, I call them sweetheart. It works better in person and not so well when blogging.), and Blake's good friend, that comp'd us the room at the hotel. Of course, I adore him!
There was so much food at the PAR-TAY. It was amazing.
They had set up grills out back and bar-b-qued chicken and ribs! Shut up! I know!

They went to so much trouble putting on this celebration that I was humbled to think, no, to know, that they think so much of Blake.
In line for some of that amazing food!
What a special day it was! Everyone had so much fun celebrating this milestone of Blake's! I hope by looking at the pictures you felt like you were there with us because I would have LOVED to have had all of my readers there!!
I love you dearly, readers! Thank you for being so consistant and supportive of my blogging efforts!



the wild raspberry said...

congrats to your is a big accomplishment. {and i'd do it again in a heartbeat if i could!}
there were some great photos there.
sorry about the hungry computer.

debsea said...

we will always be 24, no matter how old our kids are. i loved this post. i get to do this next year with my daughter at Willamette. you made it look not so scarey. i made my husband look at the photos, so he could see it won't be so bad to travel to the lower 48 (we live in alaska) and dress like human beings and be in the sunshine without mosquitoes with other people who have children as wonderful as our daughter. thank you! and congrats!

Linda B said...

So much love and fun! TFS:)

dragonflydreamer said...

Congratulations! I loved all of the photos and your beautiful narrative, I did feel as if I was "almost there" with you. You are a beautiful family and how proud you must feel to know that he's not just amazing to you, but to so many people who came to celebrate his awesome accomplishment.

mendytexas said...

Congrats to your son! Mine just graduated high school. I love your cute photos of you and your family! Maybe you are not 24, but 25 is still a great number! :)mendy

Blaiz said...

This is the first time I've seen you without a hat or a scarf!

Congrats to your son!

Frank the Tank looks pretty good all citified up. You, of course, look lovely as usual.

Anonymous said...

THANKS for sharing your family and the celebration.

AND you LOOK MARVELOUS my BFF....all dressed up with your bad self! Rock are georgeous!

I digress....the family is wonderful and it's obvious that you love one another. A blessing for sure.

Many hugs and good wishes to all...

Chick-a-dilly said...

Thank you for sharing your son's special day with us! I loved all the pictures. I also can't wait to meet you at PC!

Sweetina said...

beautiful family! Congrats Blake!!!


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