Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Okay, I gotta be honest with you - I am so sick of being on the computer that it is only my love for you that keeps me on it. I've been taking pictures of finished pieces, fixing the pieces with my software, uploading the pictures to my lollishop and describing, pricing, proofreading...it's enough to make one want to set themself on fire.

So, this post is going to cover a multitude of pieces that I've finished and are now for sale (I am nothing if I'm not subtle) in my lollishop and I can't help but throw in a couple of pictures of another one of my boys (Blake was in the last post).

This picture is of my oldest son, Craig, ummmm, let's see, he's 24, and his girlfriend, Janna. He's a policeman - he loves it; I don't talk about it - and his squeeze is a doll!
No, it's not a model - it's Craig.
I know, I know, it's confusing, but it's true. . . . . .
Is it a crime to describe your son as "a hunk"?
The rest of these pictures are of pieces I told you I've just listed in my lollishop.
They're self explanatory so I'll just let you browse through them and I'll go to bed.
Sounds like a plan!

Who doesn't love Marie Antoinette???
A set of almost funny tags:
A set of summertime tags:
A set perfect for that special friend:
The tag slides into this sleeve...
Oh, I have to tell you - the brown spot on the envelope below is a shadow from the fabric it's laying on - it looks like I laid my cigar too close to it, but really it's just a shadow.
This is a cute little tag (it has an envelope, but blogger just ate the picture of it. Stupid blogger):
Ahhhh, another delightful set:

Next precious (LOL) set:

Okay, that's it. I don't know how blogger is going to interrupt my spacing of pictures and font sizing, but you know what?? Tonight I'm too tired to care and I really need to get this posted.
.......Don't let their spill on my posting ruin the eye candy you've just enjoyed. ROTFPIMP!

Love my readers,
all the time!

XOXO, Jan Oh, good grief. Look what I just found way down at the bottom of this screen.
Well, here it stays. Like I said, I WANNA GO TO BED!


delighted heart said...

Love your stuff! Yes you can call your son a hunk! He is! What a cute couple! Ooohhhh Blogger! Somedays I have the same love/hate relationship....it's enough to make you almost lose your religion!
Get some rest!

dragonflydreamer said...

I enjoyed the eye candy. You are very talented. I'm just learning and everything I've created looks like it needs something to finish it. I'll pop over and check out lollishops tomorrow. Yes, your son is very handsome and could definitely be a model. He and his gf make a lovely couple. Sure you can call your son a hunk, I'd be proud too. You have very handsome sons and good young men to boot, you can't ask for more than that.

Jamie said...

Oh Jan! Look at all the wonderful, beautiful things you have created! Busy and tired indeed. Stop smoking cigars while you art, Girl! The glue is a fire hazard! LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing your eye candy. He's lovely;) Love, Jamie

kimmcl said...

Lady you are FUNNY! And I just love all of those vintage tags. I will have to check out the lollishop (what a cute name!) Great blog - so glad I found you!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Jan - you are so inspiring. I will drop by your lollishop - but in the meantime, how fun to meet your son and his gf. Thanks for not killing the computer and sharing your treasures with us! I understand the love/hate with technology. I appreciate your blog very much - and the pictures were space just fine. What the heck happens with the spacing of the pictures? I just thought my blog was possessed a little. Lisa

Linda B said...

Too funny, LOL:) Love all of your goodies -- quite inspirational! Your son and his "squeeze" are adorable:)

debsea said...

you are a total hoot, and your artwork is fantastic. and your son is a hunk. if the squeeze wasn't also so darn cute i'd be tempted to blog you over my daughter :)

cindy said...

you always make the coolest stuff...can't wait to SHOP in your booth! :D And that third little stamped card...love that little bird...looks like he's tootin flowers! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.........

yapping cat

Debby said...

LOL...You love the computer and you know it. hehehe...Thanks for sharing this post. Great pic of your son & his girl!

mendytexas said...

Your son is so handsome! Love all the goodies you are working on...you've been quite busy!! See ya at PC in a few weeks!! :)mendy


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