Monday, June 8, 2009


Meaning, I have no personal life, no time for telephone calls - 3 minute maximum, even my mother, cooking (oh, waaaa), cleaning (bigger waaaaaaaa), but I'm getting so much done.
Oh, wait, what I mean is that I'm getting so much done between telephone marathons with T-Moron (aka, T-Mobile), a laptop that is new but needs to be dumped in the trash. Instead, it's at the shop getting a new hard drive! This is after getting an external mouse because the mouse stopped working, and a CD drive that's never worked. All of that is going to be a future post - I have a lot to say......

Today??? I simply want to show you what I've been working on for vendor's night at Paper Cowgirl.......

These first three photos are pictures of lavender sachets I've made. Are these tags too cool? They are copies of hand-colored engravings, circa 1779, and the originals are the property of artist, Sandra Evertson. And, let's not forget the fabulous fabrics (toile and cottage roses), ribbon and the gold brad.

These photos are of wee bitty pots with precious little bird's nests, teeny eggs, mommy bird and a Paper Whimsy fairy to watch over the nest.

These following photos show you wonderful bird's nests, each seated on vintage lace or, as with the pink bling birdie, a vintage ladies glove. Each nest has ribbon, eggs, flowers, a gorgeous bird resting atop the nest and a tag. They're so wonderful! I simply love them!

I have so, so much more to do to get ready for not only vendor's night, but the class that I'm teaching that there's no time for chit-chat today. My three minutes are up - LOL.
Bless all of my readers - especially those that aren't too shy to leave a comment.
You know the comments make my day feel like my birthday....."show some love, leave a comment." (said with an Italian accent:)
xoxo, Jan


Linda B said...

Shown you love, baby! :) I can tell that you've been hard at work! Everything looks OUTSTANDING! Those ladies are going to be so happy:) I'm jealous! Can't wait to see more:)

Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan!
How's mama?

Your sachets are fab...and the little birds and nests are adorable. OH HOW I WISH I were in Texas! Talk to you soon,
Paula Clare

LaVerne said...

The birds' nests are just delightful...endearing...lovely...can't wait to see them in person. LaVerne

luckygirlgifts said...

Well, because I'm Italian I couldn't resist your Italian accent. I love what you've made. You are a wonderful artist. Have fun.

Robin said...

Everything looks just lovely Jan! The gals who attend will be soooo lucky!!

NicNacManiac said...

You are absolutely a busy bee right now and creative as well. Wish I was going to be there and recieve your wonderful birdie goodies.
Have a fantastic time..well deserved!!
Hugs Nerina :)

Pam Warden Art said...

Can't believe your Paper Cowgirl is already here. You are teaching right?
Love, love, love, love your little girls and birds and nests. I love Sandra, but oh, I just love your little wee ones. I am soooo sad that I can't be with you guys.
Hugs and happy trails to you....sing it.
Your faithful kemo sabe,

Sweetina said...

Everything is Gorgeous!!! WOw!
I just half to get off my arse and create! After seeing your beautiful creations I'm getting sooo inspired!
Have a blast at Paper Cowgirl!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY, I'm commenting on your blog entry!!!!

LOVE the birds nests and especially LOVE (that's LOVE) the tiny pots with PW angels! Oh, baby, you've been one busy girl!

Atsa nice (Italian for Goodonya)...


VintageCrafter said...

Wonderful eye candy!!!I love the bird nests. Oh how I wish I lived in Texas :)

Robin said...

You busy girl you! What wonderful lovelies you've created! Have a wonderful time at PC-- you are going to be the belle of the ball!!
I just realized we're leaving for the summer (in Rhode Island!) in two weeks and I haven't thought once of what art things to take other than my camera. Something tells me I should be fretting....
Lots of love sista! Have a blast!!!

SarahD said...

Hey J.T wow just popped over from the whimsy place Love the nests they are just gorgeous sweetie xx

Anonymous said...

What a busy, busy girl you've been! Seriously, when the muse hits all thoughts of housework fly right out the window and I eat whatever is the quickest to prepare. I just love everything that you've made but, I especially love the birds with their nests! They are just darling!!!


mendytexas said...

OOH baby! You have some beauties here!! I am so glad I live here and can see your things in person! Hurray for Paper Cowgirl!! :)mendy

Debby said...

Oh, so many beautiful goodies, Jan!!! Everything is beautiful. Have fun at your retreat, hope you bring some of these to PW retreat.

Stephanie said...

ooohlaa! Blog hopping and found your blog just now don't want to be shy! Cute stuff! The real pretty blue bird on the nest with the white tail feathers is so neat. I like your creations!


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