Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I started this story on Facebook and am going to finish it here.

For those of you that didn't read the fb entry, I went to the doctor yesterday about a blister on the bottom of my right big toe that, over the weekend, had ulcerated. I knew that it had, I had been on my feet for the past five days instead of staying off of my foot and taking care of it.

But, we all have choices to make and I chose to honor a commitment I had made that caused me to travel out of town and be on my feet like a regular person (said tongue in cheek). I had gone to my doctor last week about the blister and had been following her instructions. I could tell nothing was happening very quickly, but I went ahead and left town knowing that I would continue to take my antibiotics, keep the blister bandaged, clean, medicated, etc.

So, I went straight to my doctor when I got back in town (Monday), she sent me to my podiatrist (today) that took care of my ankles after my surgeries in '06 and she sent me straight out for an MRI to make sure the infection hadn't made it into the bone - if it had, get this, readers, I would probably "loose my toe". I wasn't laughing then, but now must shake my head with a tiny little smile on my face just thinking about the things I do that God takes care of for me....read on....

Oh, and the radiologist noted a stress fracture of the 2nd metacarpal (I think that's the right word:)- probably caused by pushing down really hard on my bicycle pedals when riding up hills. But, the good news was that the infection was not in the bone. Praise God - I so don't deserve His unending care!

So. Here I sit, laptop in my, well, my lap, ice cold diet Cherry 7-Up on the table next to me, a stack of b'day cards to write of which I'm way behind, tons of pics on my camera's memory card to blog about, pictures to upload onto Flickr, blah, blah, blah. I have plenty to keep me busy until my next doctor's appointment on Monday. However, I doubt seriously I'll be back on my feet that soon. She'll probably keep me down for at least two weeks. (Now, that sucks. LOL)

Okey dokey, thought you'd want to know what was going on with me. Thanks for being such sweet readers. And, check back later this week, like in a couple of days, because I still have to blog about another one of Joan and my adventures during her visit AND the Paper Cowgirl art retreat!

Be safe! XOXO,

. . . . . . . . . . . .Jan


Sea Dream Studio said...

Awwww... your poor tootsie! I hope it is better soon! Try to enjoy the down time. Believe me, I know it is trying, but it can be a peaceful time. And be thankful your kiddos are big and not needy little one!
sending love and healing vibes~~~

KV Creative Designs said...

Oh Jan! I am sorry to hear the you are down and out! But please listen to the Doctors so that you may have a speedy recover!

Can you do ART from you bed??

Artful Blessings,

Jean said...

Jan, u r my favorite sister, and the most frustrating by far!! PLEASE take care of your feet and toes and ankles and heart and other stuff. I will NOT move there to take care of you, even though u would probably do that for me. :-). I love u sis so RELAX and keep that computer on your lap. Oh I have some pics just for u that I'v e been waiting for your return to send to u. Later tho. LY. Jean

Sadie Lou said...

How scary!! I'm glad you didn't lose your toe!

Lisa Johnson said...

Eegads! So sorry about the foot disaster. Take advantage of this time of imobility - I don't mean that to be nice, I mean it selfishly! We love to read your posts and everyone knows you can't focus if you LOSE YOUR BIG TOE!?! Next year I am going to try to do the paper cowgirl event because WOW - it looks like such fun.

Robin said...

Glad you got good news about your toe! Take care and hope you are back on your feet again soon.


Robin said...

ok, here's something--how about that big ol sign from Above telling you to SLOW DOWN!!! Nope, the blister wasn't enough, nor the antibiotics. You had to ALMOST LOSE A TOE!!! And girl, you would be at a severe disadvantage if you ever ran into me and we HAD to go to Wal-mart and RIVER DANCE in gold lame (lamay, not lame) sandals in the shoe section.

Upload those photos--it's raining here and I need some entertainment. I am ignoring my bored kids. HURRY!!!

Anonymous said...

for goodness sake red, you are such a menace! i need to speak to frank-the-tank and arrange to get you restrained or something!! you better be planning days on end of floaty, airy fairy stuff like fiddling about with pretty ribbons, eating icecream and watching repeats of 'i love lucy' on tv... or else i'll have to get my waggy finger out and - well - *wag* it at you!!! xxx

Debby said...

Well darn girl, you better take care of yourself so you are good to go for September. Hope you are feeling much better.

Sweetina said...

God Bless You Jan! So glad your toe is still on and getting better!
Stay put in your chair and watch all the funny shoes~eat some ice cream get the kids and FranktheTank to wait on you hand and "foot"....sorry could not resist!
love ya Sweetie!
I must find you on facebook...I'm on too!

Pam Warden Art said...

I'm so thankful you didn't lose your toe. I'm having weird feet problems too! What's that all about? Love your photos and wish I could have enjoyed the time with you. I was do demonstrations at on the east coast.


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