Monday, August 31, 2009


On September 5th K.C. Willis of Lipstick Ranch will draw a name for $300 worth of art of your choice from Lipstick Ranch. You want to be sure and enter!!

And, her 2009 and 2010 workshop schedule is up and running - you can link to the workshop schedules on the Studio Retreats page. Along with K.C., Joanna Pierotti and Sarah Fishburn (to name just a couple) will be teaching there which is very exciting! AND, workshops paid in full up front get 20% off and until the drawing is held on September 5th, those same paid workshops get one night of their hotel free in lovely Longmont, COLORADO.

Kinda makes me wish I would have waited to sign up for my workshop at K.C.'s until this week! - just didn't know about the shopping spree drawing when I signed up!

I encourage you to check out K.C.'s Lipstick Ranch and her Studio Retreats page - her art will blow you out of the water! I am so, so excited that I made the decision to take one of her face to face workshops. I admire her greatly as an artist and as a person.

Thanks, y'all, ALL of my faithful readers for your support, your love and your comments:)



luckygirlgifts said...

Thanks for the tip. Have a super time at the retreat.
Cari B.

barbara burkard said...


Barnard said...

thnaks for the advice..
nice blog and have a great time out there.

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Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! xoxo

jeanne said...

Hi Jan, wow what a giveaway. How exciting you are going to attend a workshop there. I know you will love it. I will check out this place asap and see what it is all about. I love that name 'Lipstick Ranch'

Have a wonderful day. Jeanne

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I'm hugely jealous of you taking a live workshop with KC. I've signed up for all her online classes and am so inspired these days. KC and I have talked a few times and I think to be with her in person woudl be even MORE inspiring! Lucky, lucky girl. ;-)

Barnard said...

I'm hugely jealous of you taking a live workshop with KC. But Thanks for the tip...

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