Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hasn't it been fun, using different colored fonts for my posts? I'm loving this white background!

Okay, on to the subject at hand...a little behind in getting this posted, but it's so important that you know the REAL Joan that I'm posting late.

My sister, Joan.
Wow. An amazing cook.
We have so much fun when we're together!
We go junking, she cooks while I work in my studio, we ride the back roads with our cameras looking for those perfect pictures.
She's not only a LD teacher of 25+ years, but she's also a professional photographer.Soon hoping to be as good as me. heeheehee
She is all of these amazing things and we are very close...

Then she pulls stuff like this and I can only say..."YOU ARE SUCH A DORK!!!"

We took a road trip to east Texas in June while she was down here visiting - we were just looking for great junk shops, boutiques, photo-ops, just whatever. We planned on spending the night so we were in no hurry. It was just a laid back trip in my convertible *with the top down* and Joan at the wheel because **long story**.

Here I am showing you the chapstick in question.
The innocent, wee bitty tube of relief that became the tool that Joan abused even while driving a car...

We're flying along at a speed that could have killed me if Joan wasn't giving the road, the traffic, unseen traps, her full attention...
With the top down, I applied some, admittedly soft from the heat, chapstick and asked Joan if she wanted some.

She did, so I passed it to her without looking at her - I'm busy watching the road...

Finally, she passes it back to me.
I look down to put the cap back on and it looked like someone had chewed on the chapstick!!!

While looking down at the mess I asked her,

I look over at her and there she is just waiting for me to look...
The chapstick was so soft that when she went to spread it on her lips, it came off in a clump.
Only Joan, okay, maybe me too, would sit there for what had to seem like forever, holding the wad on her lip, just waiting for me to look over at her!

I could not breathe...I was laughing so hard.
What a hoot!
The way it all played out was just perfect...what a dork!

But, oh, it gets worse...
Of course, I have to take the wad and dispose of it because the trash sack is on my side, but after it's on my finger I make the hard decision that that wet, slimy piece of chapstick is NOT going in my really cute trash sack.

So, I flick it out my side of the car and put my right arm back up on the door to get some more sun *remember the top is down*.
A couple of minutes later I look down and see this!!!........


My sister....BFF, amazing cook, professional photographer, teacher of young minds (that has become a scary thought, hasn't it?). . .DORK.

The End.

I want to thank all of my amazing readers for sticking around to meet my sister, Joan. She really is the best, but, I had to share one of the many dorky experiences we have when we're together! PIMP!!



koralee said...

You gotta love sisters..so fun...what a blessing you two sound to each other...I do love the pink writing on the white...lovely!..Thanks for sharing the fun post!

Pam Warden Art said...

I smile cuz you're my sister and I laugh cuz there's nothing you can do about it :P
Hugs to you both,

summersundays-jw said...

I have some pretty dorky sisters myself so I can truly appreciate your story. I could write a book. Jan

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Well, you had me laughing out loud! Thanks for the giggle. An experience only sisters - or BFFs as close as sisters - could ever share.
Hope you come over and visit me on Friday. Having a 100th Post Giveaway!

LiLi M. said...

Hahaha you crack me up! I love the photos too!

I think that your cows are lucky not to have bridges on their land. It was hard working for some cows to cross that bridge, which was quite steep.

I see that I didn't win the garland :-( but someone else (of course I cannot remember her name) is very happy! :-D Congrats

Have a great day!

Blaiz said...

Ha ha! But you're such a dork, too. I love you, silly girl!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great story! Sounds like a blast!!


It's a wonder that both of you didn't wet your pants.

Great big smiles,

Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

LMAO!!!!! What a great story! You should sneak some into her Chrismas stocking this year for some giggles! :)

I have a question for you-- did you make that dress garland in the picture in the post below this one???!?!?!?! It is so COMPLETELY adorable that I just had to ask!!

Sweetina said...

I am Laughing out loud at this!
I love the pics! What fun you two have together!!!
Hope you found some goodies!
My chapstick that I keep in the truck (dumb~Arizona~furnace) poured out like slimey HOT water when I went to use it the other day!!!

Melissa said...

That's a great sister story!

I really like your blog!

I found your blog through Pam's. Are you the one who's hogging all the comments? =) Nice to meet ya! Just wanted to let you know that I'M going to win this time! Good luck! =)

Rebecca said...

Just popped in for the first time and enjoyed your story about your sister...sounds exactly like my sister! What fun and a road trip on top of it - love it.
Have a great day

Suzie Button said...

Hi Jan, Sounds like you two had a lot of fun! Those sisters, they are the best! Keep havin' fun! Suzie button

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I knew what was coming even before I saw the picture!! ROFL!!!


Shelly said...

So, I'm stopping in for my yearly visit (smile)....and I'm so glad I did! Hilarious! My sister is a dork too (she would say the same about me). Love those times. And I'm going to start posting again....one day....soon...no, really, I am.

love you xoxo

Lynn Richards said...

Jan dear, what a fabulous story! I just got back from a week with my sis and my eldest daughter and I spent 2 days at the chiropractor due to some serious sciatica from driving to her house. Talk about a dork, I am!! I was so excited to get to her house (about a 6-7hr drive) I drank caffiene (which I NEVER do) and we made it in about 6hrs...with only 2 potty breaks. oh well. She loves me anyway!

Libby Buttons said...

Great story!

SharDon Exclusives said...

That was so funny I find it hard to see the screen for the tears...What a funny funny story and I "didn't even have to be there". I must go back and see what else you wrote. I found you via Dawn Edmondson. I will pray for Tina and I will send tags.
Blessings to you!

*The Rusty Teapot* said...

LMAO this post is too funny! I felt like I was right there when you were telling the story!


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