Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm doing this post in "grey" to represent the color of brain matter.
I'll get to that in a minute.

First, let me tell you that I'm posting about my yearly summer reunion with my four closest friends from my college sorority, Kappa Delta at Oklahoma State University. We've been getting together every summer for, I think, about 27 or 28 years. We're not the original five because our sister, Susan Taylor Painter, succumbed to brain cancer several years ago. To keep us at five we added the always precious and fun, Rhonda Davis Carretero.

This is the first of probably three posts about this summer's gathering.
I'm starting with the most graphic and unusual happening at one of our gatherings......

This summer we all met in Oklahoma City (Edmond) at Suzie's house. She acted as hostess instead of us getting a hotel or B&B as we usually do. She was just the best hostess and her house is lovely.
However, she has these stairs in her house that we had to go up and down to get from the first floor to the second floor where our bedrooms were located.
So that meant that I had to climb stairs.......and go down them...........
I am still having some problems with my ankles, though I'm not in leg braces any longer, but need to be really careful, especially on uneven ground AND STAIRS.
The first picture right after the fall. Well, first I had to yell, "Get my camera! I'll blog this!" See that lump on the right side of my nose? That's not normally there. And, of course, I didn't take the picture.
So, what could have possessed me to fill my arms so full to go downstairs first thing in the morning? So full that I couldn't hold on to the railing.........I even yelled back at Rhonda, "I'm fixin to go down the stairs and I'm not hanging on!"

What was I thinking???
All I could hear was screaming, "CALL 911!!" "GET ICE!!" "DON'T YOU DARE BLEED ON MY CARPET!!"
I hit the third step and took flight! I didn't "fall down" the stairs. I "flew down the stairs". All six of the remaining steps - we're talkin' airborne!
What stopped me, you ask?
The wall at the landing.
Face first into a wall traveling no less than 95 mph.
I'm so fortunate that the hit didn't send bone shards from my nose up into my brain.
Thus, the reference at the beginning of this blog about "brain matter". Rhonda and I played doctor after the fall, taping up my nose in this ridiculous manner and then we calmly walked into the den like we really had "dressed" my injury. It was a HOOT!
I'm serious (not about how fast I was flying) when I say it could have killed me.
Nope. God said, "I've told you time and time again, no matter what you do to hurt yourself, I've got plans for you and you're not coming over until you've completed your assignment." (Sometimes He likes to play Mission Impossible.)
We took this picture while out shopping either later that day or the next morning.
I don't remember. Probably have a bit of amnesia.
What if it would have killed me? It would have changed everything we had planned for the weekend.
I would have felt terrible.
After I got home, I just got prettier and prettier.
LOOK AT MY NOSE! And, the puffiness under my right eye.
And the WRINKLES!! Now I look 56!
I hope you've enjoyed reading Part I of our summer gathering. I'll post Part II sometime soon. First I really want to tell you about my birthday weekend trip so it'll just have to wait.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me. I'm all better now. (Except for the wrinkles. *shrugging shoulders*) Check ya later! Hope you're enjoying your evening. We're fixin to cook stuffed pork chops for supper. Yum.



delighted heart said...

Oh WOW! Double shiner! So sorry about your accident but I bet you had fun making up stories about what happened! I'm a Kappa Delta too...TCU '76! What fun to keep up with your favorite sisters all these years! I don't have a clue where any of mine are now. Take care of yourself!

summersundays-jw said...

It isn't all bad because I didn't even notice your wrinkles for looking at your black eyes. We always have to look on the positive. Watch your step & sleep downstairs. Jan

delighted heart said...

PS. My dad graduated from Oklahoma A&M after WWII. I remember hearing stories about Stillwater!

Diva Kreszl said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad to hear you're okay...your friends must have been in a panic! The bruises will no doubt heal, let me know if you figure out what to do about the wrinkles as I have a few of those myself!

Linda B said...

Jan, Jan, Jan! I can't believe you! It looks like you applied a bunch of alcohol inks to your face! That had to be painful!! I give you credit for sharing. Can't wait to see what He has planned for next:D

Robin said...

OH SWEET JAN!!!! Sweetheart--if you wanted attention for your birthday, you could have had Frank the Tank throw you a surprise party... really. In wal-mart.

I hope you had your nose looked at by a professional--doctor. Us artists are all about the unique, but really, if you start snoring I bet Frank will have something to say about it.

I hope you're ok--I don't know what I'll do if you.. I don't know... aren't!!!


Punk Rose Journal said...

Jan, Jan, Jan....Oh gosh. I am just beside myself reading this and seeing the photos...OH!!! If I were there I would have made sure you held on to something. I mean it! I cannot believe that happened, and yes, you are a very lucky girl, aren't you? Thank the good Lord above for not letting it get as serious as it could have been. When we look back on something we did and think "if it were any worse".....Oh I cringe. Forget about the wrinkles my dear. That's the years of love and care you've given, with lots of laughter mixed in. Sounds like the Sisters had a good time in spite of your fall. WOW. xoxo Sherri

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Jan! You poor thing! I can only imagine how much you hurt...body and pride. I hope everything is healed and that you have no lasting side effects, like back or leg trouble.
Be Well.

Mad Red Hare said...

Those are some lovely color combinations!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Girl, aam I going to have to come up there and push you aroung d in your wheelchair?? Cut it out! Lay on a puff! lay off the juice!;)
love ya!

LiLi M. said...

You have such a great photographer, or did you do that yourself too? You know lying injured and taking your cell phone....hahaha, I cannot do that even if I am not injured. As told before I also think that the colors and your eyes distract from the wrinkles. If the latter become too much you might consider another eye make up lol! Hope this didn't disturb your birthday or is that still to come. Anyway,enjoy yourself and be careful!

Loudlife said...

I come over to wish you happy birthday and LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED!!! Will you please take care of yourself?!?!?!

Good move, though, thinking of the camera in that moment, you had to know you were okay if you were lucid enough to think about blogging - and care.

Those are some nice shiners, and I know you're proud - but let's make this the year of no illnesses and no accidents, okay? Say it with me, "This is the year of no illnesses and no accidents." Repeat...and repeat again.

There. An official declaration of intent.

Now, back to the important day at hand -


Much love and a big birthday wish for all the good things in life to come to you this year.


Anonymous said...

um... hello gorgeous!!! OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE, WOMAN!!! get a grip will you?! calamity basically STALKS you, doesn't it?! please take better care, or i'll have frank the tank buckle you into a straight jacket for penance :)) *sighs and rolls eyes* xxx

lynn said...

Girl.....NO MORE rubbing the velveteen off your nose!!!! AND.... a very, very happy birthday to you on this, your special day!!!
love you lots,

Sarah said...

Ouch! I have been there, only it was a football to the nose that my 9 year old threw to me and I missed horribly! I hope don't have any problems, as I have been having reacurring nose bleeds since then. Hopefully it will let up eventually.

Thanks for your comments on my blog! And for the shout out about my blog giveaway on your blog ad well!


Cathy...Grammy...Cat...Mom...Sis said...

I really would like to meet you sometime. I have seen the pink bicycles! and often wondered who they belonged to - I had no idea they were yours! I live in Corpus Christi, but have a home in Center Point (daughter, Jen, is the HS counselor there - she is the one that told me about your blog).
Cathy Robertson

Angela Rae said...

Jan! How did I ever miss this post! You poor girl!!! Course this was nothing compared to the foot injury! Falling down stairs is one of my hugest fears!!!!! I know if I went down, it would not be good!

Still sitting her studying and working hard at my Internship site! I'm scheduled to take the Radiography Registry on August 17th! I'll need LOTS OF PRAYER!!!



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