Sunday, February 7, 2010


I know!! Two hoarder estate sales, one right after the other?? Who'da thought? I was floating like 9" off the ground as I stood in line waiting to get in yesterday. It felt a little like the Exorcist when I realized that I was floating above the sidewalk.
And as I stood in line, I must tell you that my mother said to me, after having attended last weekend's sale and fixin to attend this second hoarder sale, "You ought to have Fitch Estate Sales do an estate sale on your studio."
Oh, really, mother... 
The woman will never understand mixed media art.

These wonderful estate sales that I attend weekend after weekend are put on by Fitch Estate Sales. Rachel Fitch is the owner and we've come to like each other a lot - heck, I see her every weekend when I'm in town because I can't stay away from her estate sales.
The infamous Rachel Fitch with a gosh-awful hat on her head, striking a pose.
I DON'T THINK the "hat" sold.
I'm very excited that tomorrow, Sunday morning in case I don't get this finished until late Sunday or Monday, because her husband is going to be guest pastor while our pastor and his family are at Disney World. I'm so looking forward to it - maybe I'll be able to stay awake for the entire sermon for a change.
(Oh, hush, I'm just kidding)

And, before we get to the part you're dying for....the pics of my treasures, I simply must dedicate this post to my new estate sale, antique dealing, mixed media artist friend, Anne Lorys. She had to work and is relying on my finds to feed her hunger for all things found!
 The way Fitch Estate Sales operates is that the first day of the sale, usually a Friday, everything is full-price, and the second day is 1/2 price or less. So, you buy what you must have or die on the first day and go back on the second day and grab up everything you hid under the beds and buy it for half-price.

And, I have come to a new understanding of how emotional, how stressful, putting on an estate sale is for the family because I know the daughter of the woman whose estate was being sold this weekend. It's so hard on the family to have to go through their loved one's things, decide what to keep, what to part with...I have a greater realization now that I've had a friend have to go through that...
 So, on to this weekend's sale. . .
The house is older, absolutely darling and full of the most amazing light fixtures!
I was dyin' when I found all of these vintage baby shoes!
These two vintage baby dresses really touched my heart.
There were a lot of much loved teddy bears. I picked up these two - the one on the left for me and the one on the right is a surprise present for an artist friend.......
Oh, yeah, a vest made out of a gorgeous quilt which I plan on cutting up as needed for different projects. And, the price?
You wouldn't believe me if I told you!
This bunch of vintage lace is a BUNCH of vintage lace and I bought it the 2nd day.....a steal. I should be in jail.
I love it, I love it, I love it!
Believe me when I tell you that you cannot see ALL of the trims, all of the fabulous rick-rack, in this stack.
Add another year to my jail sentence.
My mother thought I was sick when I squeeled as I found these loose limbs and she's seen my "the creepier the doll the better" workroom.
I didn't get it.
Yet another pair of legs and a lady's head, heehee, a wonderful vintage collar and two hand appliqued arch-like pieces and a sequined bunny - so cool. Oh, and that plastic tube-like container is how they used to package zippers!
For my "the creepier the doll the better" workroom I bought a vintage doll body - no head. I love it and my mother is seriously concerned....I also got another pair of vintage children's shoes a small old coin purse and a small, very sturdy hat box.
Now, I've personally never seen a hat quite small enough to fit this "hat box" but whatever it is, it is fabulous.
Here's a close-up of the "hat box"-isn't it great?
The metal handle on the top-love it!
A tin FULL of the most wonderful vintage jewelry.
($2.50 for all of it on Day 2).
Another steal , another year in jail.
Oh, my gosh....Day 2 and that's a vintage hat covered with large pink velvet leaves which are covered with pink netting - somebody shoot me! And the precious cereal bowls...$1.00 each - Day 2. The vintage gold capped bead necklace - $1.00 on Day 2 *that was a real deal*, and a darling small, made in Germany *chipped* pitcher for my small white pitcher collection - Day 2, $1.00. WHOOP!!! 
Are you ready?? .....a long strand of pink mercury beads, a gold chain and vintage white cotton collar-do they have ice cream in jail??
A very interesting shaped Marie Antoinette embroidered piece with a fabulous edging. This is a very wonderful piece. WOO HOO!!
And, last but not least, a suitcase to add to the ones next to the chair in the LR on top of which I'll set the lamp you're drooling over (or maybe not so much) and this really neat heavy iron lid-to-something that will be in my fern bed making me smile whenever I see it.
As you well know, junking can be exhausting so mom and I ate a most delicious lunch at my favorite mexican restuarant in Kerrville, Los Altos de Jalisco no.4.
Oh, baby, it was a great way to end Day 2 of a most wonderful estate sale.

As always, thank you to all of my readers. You make my day with your uplifting comments and I love you all!


Jamie said...

You crack me up Jan!!! So glad you had a wonderful time:) Love, Jamie

terri said...

Oh my Lands Sake!!! You scored big time. I'm typing this in GREEN if you can't see it! haha.


Jan, I think you better pick up some old Monopoly games 'cause you are going to need some GET OUT OF JAIL cards in a big way. You stole some wonderful treasures!

Happy Hunting,

Mad Red Hare said...

Okay, now I am totally jealous. I want to know where you live. I might have to come for a visit next time you go to an estate sale.

summersundays-jw said...

Can't believe you got to go to two great estate sales in 2 wks. You deserve to go to jail -- not fair!!! Jan

Robin said...

sigh. I just sat around in my jammies most of the day with the kids in their doing nothing much. And to think I could have gone to jail with you!!!
kisses honey!!!
( I still want some of that vintage jewry!!!)
; )

Anne at Fiona and Twig said...

I sentence you to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for snatching up all those vintage baby shoes.


If we're gonna be BFF's, ya gotta KNOW that I've been on a fruitless quest to unearth even ONE pair of shoes like the MANY you snatched up this weekend!


Good scores! Can't wait to see it all in person!


Lynn Richards said...

So, I'm thinking I need to:
1. move to Texas on the weekends.
2. meet your mom.
3. bake you a cake with a file in it so you can get outta jail soon and make some cool stuff!
love, Lynn

Debby said...

Good lord girl, you found some amazing goodies. All that vintage lace, and crown jewels and darling shoes. Jealous!!!! Good for you.
debby said...

Wonderful finds Jan! You are so funny! Suzie xxx

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Ooooo..*slurp, slurp*...I'm drooling! Good for you!! What fun.
; )

Julie Ann said...

Oh my gosh, Jan!!!! So many fabulous finds!!! I can't believe how much stuff fit under the beds!! lol What a great day :)

PS- I don't think they'll throw you in jail for those awesome prices... but they might if they find your scary doll room filled with scattered appendages!! lol :)

PPS- It must have been awesome to hear your husband get up and do the sermon!! Wish I was there to hear! (And hope you were awake!) *giggle*

LiLi M. said...

Aaaaah those baby shoes, oooooohhh those doll's limbs...I guess I am going to move to Texas too, I know for sure your mother would think I was creepy too!

Sea Dream Studio said...

OMG! I can not believe all those treasures! I can store some of that "junk" for you if you run out of room!!
love you~Dale

Kathy said...

Yes, you SHOULD be in jail. Not for the deals you got, but for teasing us...knowing full well that we are jealous as heck at you. So happy you found more treasures, funny stuff about the doll parts, your mom is wondering
"where did I go wrong with her upbringing" lol! Always love to see your goodies and read your posts.

Crystal said...

Okay you had me at Estate Sale. But then you had to go and show all those yummy pictures and tease me plenty with all the doll arms and pieces, not to mention those precious embroidered shoes and to top it all off you had MEXICAN FOOD for lunch?? Why don't I live near you?? We would be fighting nearly every weekend but oh what fun it would be to see who won the tug of war over the lot of cast off doll legs!!

alteredstatesstudio said...

well, when the "hoarder" police come and take you away- i will be happy to step into your spot for a while and your mom will still have someone to go with!! OMG! unbelievable!!

Leslie said...

Man oh man did you hit it big! LOVE that stash of lace and the doll parts. Oooooh I wish we had some good estate sales like that around here. I want to go junkin' with you!!

Bettyann said...

Jan, you had me laughing till I all that gorgeous treasures...can I come with you someday "shopping?..I'LL bring my Mom who loves estate sales..take care and behave on Sunday lo....

debsea said...

holy ton of awesome stuff batman! you are killing me with these estate sale posts. i don't think i can take another one. there are not even decent garage sales here on this rock.
how about if i just send you my debit card and my address and you can have at it for me????

Canace said...

Okay... guess which of the seven deadly sins I'm suffering from right now.

OOooooohhhh those baby shoes and doll clothes... *sigh*

Good for you Jan!
How have you been btw? Haven't talked in a while. :o)

Want to exchange blog addys?

Canace said...

Hi Jan... just had to stop back to drool some more.

I'm thinkin' that that 'hatbox' is a powder box? Like my great aunt had... many of them... in all her dresser drawers. After many many years (she lived to 100) they still smelled good tucked in her hankies.

Molly Alexander said...

REALLY...I MUST get out there to see you soon so I can go to the sales (oh yes - and spend loads of time with Y-O-U)! I think my favorite find of yours this time is that mini coin purse - just beautiful - it would look great as the pendant for a necklace, don't you think?

:-) Molly

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Miss T said...

Oh my:) Such an amazing finds.


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