Sunday, February 21, 2010

A visit from my cousin. . .CAN YOU GUESS WHAT WE DID??

Oh, good grief.......Ummmm, let's think about that for a minute.......
what would we have been doing???...........
walking the pasture looking under rocks for rattlers?
cleaning out my flower beds without gloves so we can be sure and 'dig' into a grub with our fingers?
spending the days at Wal-Mart looking for photo ops?

If you guessed any of the above you would be wrong *and you don't know me very well*.
*okay, Wal-Mart's a possibility*
The correct answer would have been "SHOPPED".
Oh, yes, we shopped and I'm going to share with you the spoils of our days out AND introduce you to two of my favorite places.
Shall we begin??
Oh, yes, let's!!!

We started out in Fredericksburg which is a town that visitors to the Hill Country often make their place to stay - the shopping is amazing and, of course, can be a wee bit pricey because of the tourists, but it is fun to shop there! We started out with lunch and then went to the Rebecca Rather bakery, Rather Sweet, to buy a goodie.
*SIDE BAR: Rebecca has put out three cookbooks. I would HIGHLY recommend her first one for anyone that likes to bake as she has her desserts in there along with some of her most popular entrees. The cookbook is titled The Pastry Queen. You can buy it on Amazon and like Barnes and Noble.*

After we bought our goodies, I took them to a shop that I had been wanting to go to but was saving for my cousin's, Suzanne's, visit. It's off the Main Street which was wonderful; the prices were so good it was heaven. And, we had the whole place to ourselves because they were closed, but the sweet owner, Pam, let us descend upon her while she was working.
These chairs, of which she has in all colors, are made by a company called Torrans,, and, from listening to Pam, are the best out there. Her prices are below retail and she ships. You should call her, you know you want to.
Very cool vintage jewelry and handmade jewelry all throughout the shop.
I fell in love with these spider back chairs! I left them there in case one of you wanted to purchase them.
Darling clothing. Mom bought a linen top and I think Suzanne bought a precious lime green raincoat.
Isn't this so cute?? Pillows thrown on a vintage couch. I love the way Pam has her shop put together.
Vintage belts! Boy howdy, some of these brought back memories.
This little fellow is holding up a rather large piece of ceramic. I think it's supposed to be a vase, but mom bought it for me (and the other one for Suzanne) because I wanted it for my studio for pencils, scissors....oh, you know...
Okay. So, I sat on this couch and held this vintage photo album several times trying to decide if I should spend the money (I knew Suzanne would be at the ranch for another day of shopping; I had to be smart with my money) for this wonderful old album. I'd decide that, no, of course not, what am I thinking??, and I'd get up and continue looking around. Then I'd be back on the couch holding that darn album. I knew I could do something wonderful with the cover and there were some wonderful picture frames inside that I could use in several pieces of art...NO! PUT IT I did; and I walked away.
A shot of the frames inside the vintage album that I gave up.
A close-up *taken in horrible light* of one of the frames in the vintage photo album that I passed up. *sigh*
So, guess what! We get home and we're unloading our bags and my mother pulls out the album and hands it to me. I saw SHOCKED. I never saw her do it and never missed it on the couch. I was so touched that, well, I teared up a bit. And, you'll be seeing some of those single frames in my Etsy shop someday *soon, I hope*. Thanks, mom!!
Now, remember, if you're interested in some of those wonderful patio chairs, Pam ships and it's cheap, I mean, it's very inexpensive - the shipping, and so is the price on her chairs. WHOOP!!

The next and only other place we hit in Fredericksburg was a new antique mall.
Mom stayed in the car with her book (totally cheating) so Suzanne and I hit the mall. It wasn't too big so we didn't ditch my mother for so very long.
I found three things that I felt I must have and I'm going to show those to you now - you'll love them, no doubt.
I SIMPLY LOVE good cabinet cards (verses bad cabinet cards....good grief). Well, I do, and I know exactly what I'm going to do with this one. Loved it, had to have it. It's circa 1911 - WHOOP!!
Ask anyone and some of them will be able to tell you that I collect icky looking doll heads, naked babies and appendages. Love 'em. In fact, when I went to the fridge about thirty minutes ago to snag a diet Dr. Pepper, I found one of my larger ickier heads sitting in there.
My mom. She did it. Real funny, mom. (LOL)
So, when I saw this little darling whose eyes close when she lies down, I bought her for my collection. I'm doing an entire room (the work room) in an icky baby doll theme. It's going to be great!
A Baby Ben DeLuxe clock by Westclox. It's seen better days but I collect vintage clocks and sometimes this well worn look really speaks to me. I loved it. I bought it. (It was a really good price - I got the booth owner all the way down to $8.00 so I was happy to purchase it)

That's it for Fredericksburg......we got out of there after shopping at only two shops. I think that's a record.

Thursday we headed to Boerne (Texas, in case you're not familiar with where I live) which is also a wonderful town for shopping, heading first to a cafe for lunch. Then it was time to hit some shops.
Are you *mixed media artists* dyin'??? This picture shows the front and back of the most beautiful rose napkins I've ever seen. You'll see these and others in my Etsy shop.
This precious garland is going to be glittered and hung along the headboard in
the June Marie Guest Room.
Isn't she precious?
These darling glittered vines are something else I found in Boerne. I think they'll be great in collages!
And, the silver glittered flowers on collages - WHOOP!!
Yes, this glass fleur de les (did I spell that correctly? lol) dome really is this big - it's REALLY BIG! I bought it on sale.................wanna guess??..................for $8.50. Oh, yeah, it's my birthday, it's my birthday.....
I imagine you're probably sitting down by now if you started out reading this post standing up because it's so very long (and fascinating). And, that's good; that you're sitting down, because I'm going to tell you about the above short and wide glass dome. It is from France, has "Fromage" etched on the front and was $83.00 retail.
Oh, yeah. Eighty-three dollars. Somebody shoot me.
That price was because it is from France. And, if you're wondering how do I know the shopkeeper wasn't fibbing about that, I have shopped in her shop for years and she knows me and I really don't think she'd lie to me. I always carry the Tank's Uzi when I shop for just that reason.
It was 75% off and I got it for $20.00. (That's a good price even if the shopkeeper thought my uzi wasn't loaded)

Tired yet??
Well, I'm exhausted, but there's more!! And, it's really cool...............precious, actually, and it'll go'll see what I mean...............

There's an antique shop in Comfort, Texas, called Blackbird Antiques that my newest junky BFF, Anne, took me and my mother to a week ago and I didn't have my camera with me or I would have taken the pictures then and blogged about it in my last post.   ...........So-o-o-o mom and I took Suzanne there to introduce her to Molly and Hudson....
The front of Molly and Hudson's shop, Blackbird Antiques.
Meet Molly and Hudson. Are they too stinkin' cute?? They're in the shop every day, either lying on their beds (they're sitting on Hudson's bed in this picture)or sitting in their living room or.......
This is Molly and Hudson's living room.
Are you dyin' here? All of M. and H.'s living quarters are set up across from the cash register area so that their "master" (the shop owner:) won't be too far away from them! So, check out this living room and we'll move on...
Hmmmm, looks like M. and H. are planning on having some wine and an appetizer before supper.
It's a dog's life.
Get this, on command Hudson will jump from his bed to the L.R. couch.
What a hoot!
Everyone is welcome in Molly and Hudson's home! They love having guests, especially the ones that scratch them behind the ears.
This is Molly and Hudson's nightstand.
The whole city knows that every well heeled pug has an armoire.
Molly's dresser....every girl needs a place for her vintage hats and perfume bottles. **don't forget that you can click on the pics to enlarge them. the attention to detail in M. and H.'s "home away from home" is amazing"**
Their kitchen table. ( you see the slot machine on the table?? I don't know for sure and I wouldn't want to start any rumors, but I think maybe, just maybe, that one of the pugs has a gambling problem. that is so sad.)
A red convertible *just like mine:)* for afternoon drives in the country. Molly has to drive because Hudson got his driver's license taken away by "mama" for using the car as a chick magnet.

**and, so you don't have to ask, none of M. or H.'s things are for sale. They JUST had a garage sale.

Well, sweet friends, that's it. I think this was the longest post I've ever done. I promise not to do it again! I wonder how many of you made it to the end....leave a comment, 'K?, so I can see.
I think it would be interesting.
Or sad.

Have a fabulous weekend and know that I simply adore you all!
. . .Jan

I forgot to mention how much fun my cousin, Suzanne is......she's a hoot. When we weren't eating, we were pretty much laughing. I recall one moment during her visit where we honestly couldn't catch our breath.
I could have died and it would have been my mom's fault - but that's another post!
Suzanne's the best and we so enjoyed her visit!


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

That was a great post..and OMG..,,those pugs and their living quarters were the best!!!!

Kathy said...

Ok, Molly and Hudson... be still my heart! Kisses to them!
And the album, oh they I am reading I am literally saying out loud, no....don’t walk away...take it. Pick it up....what are you thinking??? So relieved to see that your sweet mama got it for you.
Oh Jan, I am just jealous with your posts. You make us all look are so witty and special. Love each and every one of them. What eye candy you showed us, and we giggled right along with you. YOU my dear are a very special person and I would LOVE to meet you one day!
Big hugs to you and your mom...I feel like I know you both.

alteredstatesstudio said...

i am telling you...i HAVE to come to your great state and DO some shopping!!! OMG! the vintage photo album is absolutely gorgeous! God bless your mom- what a sweetie!! and the vintage it! i have a small collection of vintage clocks as well and love it too! i would have totally had to have it! and the pugs....too cute! well, your weekend sounded like soooo much fun...thanks for sharing!!!

Lynn Richards said...

O.K. I'm not your cousin, but I really NEED a ticket to Texas. I would visit you and cindy from yapping cat. I can picture it now.....I'm thinking I would have to rent a u-haul and a driver to bring everything back....if I could make myself come home!!!! My word, we would have so much stinking fun!!! Well, I'll dream about it and that will keep me motivated.
Lots of love,

Debby said...

WHEW!!! I made it to the end. What a great post, full of beautiful treasures. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Ann said...

What a wonderful time it looks like you all had together!! And how very sweet of your mama to surprise you with that album!!! (Not the doll head- lol!!) I'm glad you found such beautiful pieces and, better yet, had an awesome time together! :)

Molly Alexander said...

Well - I made it to the end of the post, and it sounds like you had such a great time! I love the places y'all went (see...I haven't lost ALL of the Texan in me!) & would love to come out one of these days to see them in person with you!

:-) Molly

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh, I'm so glad you gave Molly and Hudson their proper due. And I'm so happy that I was able to introduce you to these two local celebs. :-)

Your mom (oops, I mean "our" mom) was so awesome to buy you that photo album! She's a junker at heart, she just doesn't own it yet.

And I already told you that I LOVE that clock you grabbed! Along with purt near everything else!

I'm so sorry I missed out on meeting Suzanne, I really hope there will be a next time!

Love ya!


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