Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay, y'all saw my crack house in the last post.
I'm trying to make it into a studio again - alone -
though my "little girl", Skyler, helped me last Saturday.
No one else has been knocking on my door...
(that was a HUGE hint).

Anyway, I must stop what I'm doing to share with you
 a gift I received in the mail today.
Now, I'm about 8 posts behind and have
my eldest son's Valentine's candy to mail,
an "I hope you're feeling better" box
that should have been mailed to my friend,
Molly Alexander, about 8 months ago
and a giveaway + many extras for her patience,
to the winner of that giveaway that probably thinks
 the Tank went ahead and put me in the home
 if she read my last post.
BUT, all of that waits while I show you
 this most wonderful gift I received.

My friend, Jan Armentrout, ordered a nest for me
made by the amazingly talented (I could go on and on)
Victoria Boster.
She had sent me to her website to look at these nests
and when I did, I swooned.
So, what does my most gracious friend, 'the other Jan' do??
She orders me one.
I simply must show you pictures of it.
Now, if you have trouble understanding
what it looks like because my photos are, well, lacking,
you can go to Vicki's blog and see pictures.
She makes a lot of these and
sometimes when you order one
you have to wait MONTHS to get it -
that's how good she is,
how amazing the nests are,
and how much demand there is for them.
(I really think Where Women Create should do an article
on her studio - can someone pass that on??)

Okey dokey, I've got to get back to the crack house,
so here are the pictures that don't do the nest's beauty justice...
one side of the nest
another side of the nest - really, go look at them on Vicki's blog
I really love this side of the nest-it has some twigs w/ white glittery 'flowers'
Okay, now you're going to be totally confused-
this is the center of the nest.
You know, where the bird sits?
The sides of the nest are built up to surround the center
just like in real life.

Now I must get back to the studio crack house.
I will start posting all of those old posts on my next break.

One more little thing,
You know what?
I have found that my artist friends make the best friends.
Thanks again, Jan, I love my nest!

Until later,
thanks for reading,



Robin said...

Pretty cool looking nest Jan!!

vicki said...

Is this really true - do people love my nests so much that they gush about them? Oh my - I am just drop to the floor speechless and so honored and humbled by this wonderful tribute. Thank you seems not to be enough to say to such wonderful and kind comments. You have touched my heart on a day when it needed it most - (sigh~~)- I am so very thrilled that you would take the time to write such a lovely post, show pictures and speak so - from your heart.

I hope your nest brings you so much enjoyment and smiles - every day.

Thank you so much -

Bettyann said...

wow what a fab nest...listen girlie you get back to that crack house...no more gallivanting to help new teachers prepare their school rooms..humpf....lololol

Shelly said...

Can you even STAND it? Ackkk! Aren't the gorgeous!

But NOT as gorgeous as our dear friend Vicki that created them! I was on her waiting list, and She suprised me with one! I absolutely LOVE it!

The textures, the colors,,,,for moi? Greens! Vicki knows me well! It is SO Yummy! I have it on a pedestal plate in my livingroom,,,,,and amd going to buy a Cloche for it!

It means SO much to me in So many ways, I cannot even explain....Okay,,,,,,,LOL, I will a bit!

My mom? Passed away almost 2 years ago. She lived in the little cottage that is now mine, behind me. Right after she passed,,,,,,our/my yards,,,,we full, and I mean FULL,,,,,to the likes I'd never seen with Robins!

A bazillion Birds,,,,,,singing. So yes, birds/nests mean So much to me! And getting one of Vicki's glorious nests, from her as a gift, was priceless.

And,,,Ive come to love HER so! She is such a dear....I value her friendship beyond words!

To have a piece of her work,,,one of her nests,,,,,,Just makes my heart, truly swell~

Congrats on YOUR very special nest! We are Blessed,,,,in So many ways. Oh, how I LOVE my blog friends so! Across the miles,,,we are ONE!

Hugs and love, and I KNOW you're enjoying your new treasure as much as I'm enjoying MINE!!


Shelly said...

I have to say, I just read about your wonderful "Ben." What a dear! My heart breaks for you! I/we love our pets SO! How Cute ws HE?

Sorry,,I think you are just as much an animal lover as I am,,,,,,and it truly IS like losing a family member!

But,,,,,I KNOW I would have loved Ben too,,,,,and thank you for sharing his memory. Just makes me love you,,,,and Him, all the more!!

Okay,,Off now,,late Salmon and Pesto dinner.....

More hugs,more love, and thank you for sharing your dear one!


Charlene said...

CUTE NEST!!!!!!!!! I saw these somewhere on a post once. LOVE the colors. Enjoy! HUGS!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Jan! What a special day for you. That nest is awesome. What a sweet friend you have.

I hope I can make you're evening just a little better (if that's possible). Congratulations!!!! You are the winner of my 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway.

Hugs....Tracy :)

P.S. Thank you for helping me spread the word and all your sweet comments. :)

Lynn Richards said...

Gorgeous, my friend! What a treat.
Just take a little bit at a time on the "house"!!!
Enjoy the ride...

Robin said...

OH MY Freakin GOODNESS!!! I have died and gone to nest heaven!!!

I only collect stupid natural nests... i think I NEEEEEEEEED one of Vicki's.... I am so passing this link on to Brent so he can file it wherever he files the links I send of the things I NEEEEEED!!!!

Sigh. I GUESS I could put your crack house on my places to DRIVE TO when I don't have anywhere to drive to and I am feeling like I need to drive.... and then I could do something useful like go shopping there (in your crack house that is) aka Help You Clean and covet your NEST and kiss Baxter and dance a river dance in your yard... or pasture.... or driveway....


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Jan. I just wanted to let you know your package didn't get mailed until today, well yesterday - Monday. It was storming by the time Neil got near the post office Friday night and he forgot to tell me he didn't go in. I found it when I bought groceries Sat night. But I mailed it today. Sorry about that.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Cindy said...

Soooo amazing! I have never seen a nest like this before! You have a great group of talented friends here, Jan!! :-)

Pretty Things said...

How awesome!

Debby said...

Hello Ms. Jan!!!! I love this, so very pretty. Have fun getting your studio in order.

Charlene said...

I SAW those in another post & they are amazing!!! I can't believe you were so close to me & I didn't get to hug your neck or do lunch. SHAME!!! Next time! I miss talking to your even if it is just by computer. It's been over a week!!

I have a question for you... did you sell pretty little wax covered bags with a crown embossed on them at Paper Cowgirl? I went to a class at Maureens at Cottage Panche & she said she thought she bought them from the girl who shared a booth with (darn I'm horrible with names... your friend you shared a booth with... help me out girlfriend) anyway did you do those bags? I LOVE the crown. Where can I get one? Let's catch up. HUGS! Charlene

Annesphamily said...

I like the look of that nest! It is so interesting. What a lovely conversation piece. I hope you will come join me soon. Anne

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Jan. You were on my mind this morning and I just thought I'd pop in a say hi. Hope all is well. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
Hugs...Tracy :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Well pick me up off the floor...you've posted! ;)

I know, I know...you've actually posted several times this summer but I haven't been visiting blogs lately. Just had a lot on my plate...I know you know how that is.

I'm cracking up over your crack studio but had to let you know that you are not the only one who can't manage to keep up w/ all that everyone else seems to accomplish...I'm a slacker too. The funny thing is, I work my butt off & yet, not much gets done. I don't know how everyone else does all that they do.

decorator to the stars said...



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