Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When you haven't posted since August and it's November did you know that some people will email you to see if you're alright? Isn't that the sweetest thing?
And, in answer to that question, am I alright, physically - no, mentally - of course.
I'm working as hard and as much as I can on the rehearsal dinner things for my son's upcoming wedding and a wedding thing for Jana, the bride:). It's a chore since I am not okay physically at the moment but it is bringing me much joy as I am back in my studio and it has lost some of it's crack house aura. I'll post about that later.

Today I was going to quickly throw these photos up of the ranch and get back to work on the wedding, BUT, the new uploader of photos for blogger is stupid and it's turning my pictures sideways. (Anyone out there know Mr. Blogspot and could you call him?)

However, in this instance it's going to save me a lot of time because the pictures are already on flickr COMPLETE WITH descriptions so I'm just going to send you over there.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/polkadotbarn/  But, read this next part first for it's important to set the mood...

.............I was driving up the lane about 6:30 p.m. yesterday and I glanced to my left and saw the black cows in the pasture of really green grass with the sun fixin to set. It was so, so pretty.
I sped up to the house, jumped out of my car (okay, I didn't jump), ran (ALRIGHT, I walked) and got my camera, jumped (did I say, "jumped" again??) on the four wheeler and raced (I did "race" - I love driving it fast:) to the front pasture to take pictures. Then I meandered closer to the house to take more pictures and to the barns and down the lane. It was fun.

For protection, the photos are stored in flickr and in this case, you can just hop over there and see them with their descriptions and just pretend that you're still here on my post.
Cool, huh.
Oh, and click on the pictures and they'll get bigger by magic. On some there's explanations and arrows. It's just who I am.

I've missed this.
Hope Mr. Blogspot fixes his uploader soon. It's very frustrating and kinda ticked me off for a minute or ten.

I hope y'all have a delightful evening and.........................
if you're reading this on Tuesday......................................





Robin said...

Glad to see you back over here Jan!!! Your pics are absolutely gorgeous and I do think that you might have been too "attractive" to that one black cow!! We did the early voting thing....no lines, way to vote!! Have a great week sweetie!


Bettyann said...
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Bettyann said...

Glad to see you back...missed you...will bring my bathing suit and running shoes when I visit you lol

Diva Kreszl said...

loved the pictures of the ranch, beautiful! Love your post and of course your wonderful sense of humor :)

The Rusty Teapot said...

Hi Jan,
The pictures of your ranch are terrific!,I like living out of town. I really LoVe your pink bikes,they are the best!
Hope your health improves Jan, I know it must be hard on you. Thank god you have a wonderful positive outlook.
xx HuGs From Emma xx


Now, all I can picture is you riding your 4-wheeler with your little calf holding on for dear life as you speed around the ranch.

Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful, Jan.


Canace said...

What a beautiful pastoral/peaceful group of pictures... Lovely!

Now git that foot fixed so you can go 'Dancing with the Cows' again. ;o)

btw... your comment on my blog got put into spam... just found it and posted it... sowwy

Kathy said...

hiya sweet Jan, off to see the pics. I hope you have a great week....

Pretty Things said...

Sideways? That's a new one on me! Have you tried Flickr's way of "posting to blog"? If you don't know how to do that, email me, I'll help you!

Cindy said...

Oh happy day! I checked in on you today and see that you were back! Welcome back, we missed you again! I'm sorry to hear you're not doing so well physically. How are the wedding plans coming along? Your farm pictures are peaceful and gorgeous. Such a far cry from the hectic scenes of traffic that I have here in the suburbs of DC. Today I was almost run off the road by a woman who would not back down and insisted on being the 3rd person to merge in front of me and not let me in. :-( So when I saw your pictures, it really made me smile.


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