Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I have three shops that are so very easy for me to drop money.
My Heart's Cottage in Comfort, Texas - she has the best Halloween
decorations, the best baby everything that no one else has and
cards I love to send.

And, there's Whimsy's in Llano, Texas. Oh, my, the
money I've dropped there. But, it's all good, you should see
what I've bought over the years.
 And, then there's the shop that has been the recipient of 
most of my shopping money.
 MARTA'S ROOM in Belton, Texas.
 Her shop changes every time I visit 
and I visit often.
 There are a few things that I simply covet when I'm there,
but that I will some day buy.....like that typewriter.
 Or, all of the white pieces above.
 Now, the Madonna in the compote dish
is a piece that I have bought. I think it's 
such a great piece of art....the dominoes and old
watches. Love.

 Look at the frame on this mirror. Lovely!
 Dying for ALL of the above. All of it.
 The white baby shoes.....recognize them?
I used them as the header for my facebook page a bit ago.
 Doll head bottom right. 
Needs to be in my Creepy Doll Room.

 Oh, my goodness.
I want this in my bedroom. 
Isn't it magnificent?
I actually think this mannequin might be
in Marta's house.
No sale.
 I have about 10 vintage suitcases and 
Marta started me out when she was in her old location.
I'm needing a black one so have my eye's peeled wherever I go.

 A black suitcase just like this one.
Maybe on my next visit....I also want everything 
IN the suitcase.
There's nothing in this photo that I don't want.

See what I mean about Marta's Room??
I am blessed to be only 2 hours and 45 minutes away
AND she's in the town right next door to where
Blake and Clay teach - Killeen, Texas.

See how I get there so often? 

Wish you lived closer.
I would love to take you shopping with me!

Be blessed and be a blessing.

And, today is national "no lurkers day".
Meaning that all lurkers are invited to
leave a comment.

Comments make me do the happy dance!


Carol said...

Thanks for introducing me to Marta's room. I've visited and love both My Heart's Cottage and Whimsey's, not to mention all of the sweet neighboring shops in comfort and Llano. But I've never been to Marta's. it looks wonderful. I think I'm gonna have to take a road trip.



vicki said...

OMGosh -- I could stay there all day and just take pictures!

Girlfriend - you are loaded in for the Grow Your Blog party -- see you on the 19th!


alteredstatesstudio said...

well i want to come and shop there!! i am coveting almost every pic you posted....i can see why you like that shop!

Josi Bunder said...

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