Tuesday, July 31, 2007

36 YEARS of FRIENDSHIP and still counting!!

I spent this last weekend with four of my closest friends from college.
All five of us were sorority sisters at Oklahoma State University;
we are KD's.
We are also five friends that have gotten together every year for the last 25 years for a long weekend of shopping. We've helped the economy in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nevada and Texas.
This year was my turn to host and I let them experience San Antonio and Fredericksburg, Texas, or should I say that S.A. and Fredericksburg experienced US??
We had such a fabulous time! We always do!!
I swear, I laugh more this weekend every year than I do any other time of the year!

One thing that we did that was totally the hit was to take a beading class at a bead store in Fredericksburg on Friday night. The owner, Shelli, graciously offered to teach us a private class when she heard about our gathering. So, on Friday night we met at the Garden of Beaden (https://www.shellivandegriftdesigns.com/) and Shelli struggled to teach us how to make a tumbleweed pendant! We had so much fun that we almost didn't get finished! Shelli's a hoot and such a wonderful teacher that she made the evening a real treat.
I'm posting two pictures of our finished product so that you can see what an awesome piece of sterling silver jewelry we made in just one evening!!

The weekend went by entirely too quickly and now we're all back at our homes until next year...............oh, want to know where we're going next year???
Get this.................SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO!


Linda Manning Findley said...

Very cool pendant ... sounds like y'all had a great time .... Linda F

Dana said...


Girl ... look at that pendant! That is SO COOL!!! How fun that you still get together with your friends after 36 years ... and what a trip to plan for for NEXT YEAR! WHOOP WHOOP!!

I hope you're well ... miss you!


Lily Pepper said...

Oh I love the pendant! What fun to get together with you friends and make something so lovely.


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