Wednesday, August 1, 2007


This summer my husband, myself and our 17 year old son drove up to Michigan to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. We met everyone, sisters, brothers, mom, of course, aunts, uncles and cousins, at Lake Michigan for a week of sun, visiting, eating together, shopping and driving the back roads to check out surrounding towns.
We stayed in South Haven right on the water *another posting would be necessary to tell you how water effects my soul* and had the absolute most fabulous time.

One of our discoveries was a huge junk shop and yard between South Haven and Saugatuck, Michigan. It went on forever and was full of the most amazing treasures!
It's there that I found the Lady.
I knew the minute I saw her that I had to have her for my flower bed located at the entrance to my studio.
She's made of cement and weighs an absolute ton.....I was so happy that my husband was with me! AND that we had his pick-up truck!!

She's not been planted in her permanent place, she's still sitting on the ledge next to my husband's tomato plants.
I'm waiting to place her until I know without a doubt where she should rest.
I know that where ever I put her that she's going to be absolutely beautiful, hence her name.


Dana said...

Okay girl ... you know you gonna hafta SPILL the exact location of that flea market now, right? ROTF ... I didn't know there was one down there. I WANNA GO! LOVE the Lady ... she looks SO serene and will be PERFECT in your garden!!! Oh yeah ... and the water ... man, it does wonderful things for my soul, too. We lived near it when we were first married ... we're moving back near it again now. ;o)


Chandra Thomason said...

Hi Miss Thomason! I love the Lady, and I love that pendant in your last post too!


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