Sunday, August 5, 2007


So. My husband decides that now is the time to buy him a laptop.
He needs to become a viable part of this technical world as we know it.
Why, he's mastered his cell phone that he got about six months ago.
Oh, yeah - he can answer a call AND make a call....

So. We go to Office Max because it's close and we like to support our local businesses.
We find a HP computer with loads of memory AND it's on sale.
It's smaller than the very large notebook that I use so I tell Frank that hey, what a good idea I have.....we'll get this really good buy and I'LL take it and simply transfer all of my information from my really large notebook to this more compact one *making traveling easier for me since I take my laptop everywhere* and he'll have the perfect laptop computer for his office.
Why, what a good idea, he tells me, and off we go, loaded up with our new notebook AND WITH OUR HANDY DANDY, IT WILL DO ALL OF THE WORK, VERY EXPENSIVE

So. I want you to look at the time on the clock above this; it reads 4:23 p.m. SATURDAY.
This camera is on the desktop of my new smaller and more compact notebook *the dust particles are on my camera lens - I'm totally grossed out* and it's letting y'all know that I've already been working on the computer for ALMOST 7 1/2 HOURS.
You see, the notebook we bought was well, it was STUPID and didn't work.
But before I determined that my best route would be to take it back to Office Max and get a new one or throw a fit in the middle of the store if they gave me any grief *that was my plan*, I got to spend a couple of hours trying to figure out why it kept freezing up on me and I got to talk to one tech on the east coast and.................are you ready???..................this is what made the first half of my adventure so much fun............................I got to talk to a tech in INDIA!

So. I got a notebook that worked and then I got to spend.............this part's special, too................THIRTEEN HOURS with two different techs at "NEW PC SETUP & FILE TRANSFER" THAT DIDN'T KNOW AS MUCH AS I KNOW!
OH. MY. GOSH. At one point, and I don't think you can read it on the screen in the second photo, I told the first tech that I was fixin to start cutting my fingers off one by one.
That was about 4:27 p.m. this afternoon, SUNDAY.
Are ya followin' the time line here?

Well, we're finished now and everything is working just dandy.
I'm going to make a phone call just as soon as I'm finished here to "NEW PC SETUP & FILE TRANSFER"
and then I'm going to call Mr. HP.

After that I'm going to make a really dark piece of art.
Then I'll be allllll better.

Computers.............they'll suck the life right out of ya.


kecia said...

those computers will do it every time! ugh, i FEEL your pain. i mean i was getting hives reading your story with all the BullS... i've had to put up with! nothing comes easy. unfortunately i always find myself screaming and yelling at these Indian dudes - first of all 'cuz i can't even understand them which only adds to the frustration and secondly they DO NOT know what they are doing. It is a scam and the computer companies should be ashamed for wasting our time like that! best of luck - i have a feeling you have more troubles ahead my friend!

kecia said...

oh, where on my blog have i misspelled your name? so sorry........... didn't even realize!

kecia said...

p.s. when you call HP, tell them you are hearing impaired and that you must speak to someone who uses the english language so that you might have a better chance of understanding what they are saying!


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