Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I took a commissioned job to make a small album for a couple that had recently married.
They wanted to showcase a few of their favorite photos from their honeymoon and I was so happy to be asked to make their wee bitty album! I took a bit to think about it and as usual,
God directed me and I knew what to do!
I started out with large manila tags from the office supply store. First, I stained them with walnut stain and then I used a product by Moon Glow called Glitz Spritz to alter the color of the tags. Using two of their colors made a beautiful, shimmery layer of color on top of the walnutstain. After making copies of the original photos and manipulating them into the size and look that I wanted, I picked out papers, embellishments and ephemera that I "thought" I would use for the album *Isn't that the way it always is???? We THINK we know what we want to use but by the end of the project it's often completely different than what we imagined!*

This is the front cover of the album.
I love the color red and will often incorporate it into projects so I used red ribbons to bind the album and a tie string and round mailer clasps to keep it closed.

Below is the first layout.
I attached a little bitty sack with a pretty piece of cardstock on the left side for journaling.

The third layout. Note the shell with ribbons on the bottom right of the right side!

Layout four -I love rick-rack and was happy to find a way to use it in this layout.

Layout five is below.

The last layout has another way to journal with the brown kraft envelope on the right side. It has pattered cardstock in it for the couple to write a few sentences of their honeymoon memories.
The small "L-o-V-E" tags are free moving and it's fun to watch them slide around when the page is turned.

The back cover of the album.

I was very excited to work on this project and very pleased with the way it turned out!
.....Just a wee little keepsake for them to glance at whenever they think of their honeymoon.....


Jennifer said...

Jan! This book is FABULOUS! You did such a wonderful job! I just know the newleyweds must be THRILLED with it!

BTW...Your blog looks FANTASTIC!!!

Love ya!

Lily Pepper said...

Jan what a great job you did on this it looks fantastic! I am just stopping by to let you know that you have been tagged. Drop by my blog http://www.lilypepperprimitives.com for the details.


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