Thursday, August 16, 2007



Who knew???? I would never have imagined that Frank, my husband, would ever be in the zone. Boy howdy, did he ever surprise me today! Woohoo and thank you, Frankie!
He and some men from the church were going through the attic of a local business where things from the church had been stored forever. They were weeding out, cleaning out and deciding what to do with all of that "stuff"!
He called me and told me he had a really good surprise for me.....that I would love it.....
I must tell you, I couldn't let myself get too excited.....he's never been in the zone before, who would have thought that he had finally made it??!! LOL
This 'tree' measures 30" X 22" and has these Christmas lights falling off of the back of the board on which it's mounted. The lights at one time went through these holes and lit up the tree.

I've been a member at my church since 1994 and I've never laid eyes on this lovely so I can't tell you the history o how it made it's way to Kerr Produce's attic area! It may not even be from our church!
I just know that it was deemed for the trash bin and Frank rescued it knowing that there was a woman with just the right tools to pry all of the precious jewels off of the green corduroy backing! I am so excited to have these beautiful *to me* pieces of junk jewelry for my projects!!


TheMomInTheFamily said...

How fun! I just found you through Flickr and love your blog and Etsy shop! Nice to "meet" you. Where is Center Point? I grew up in TX, south of DFW.


Tracy said...

Oh he's a keeper! Enjoy your goodies! I'm sure you'll make fantastic things with them.

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my flickr page! (flickr id is TraSeaLee)

Anonymous said...

wow! that man is a keeper! I can just see you ripping it apart!

Mel Seigfried said...

That is so cool! What a find! Your hubby did good!!! I am awarding you the nice award!! You can snag the graphic off of my blog! Have a great day! Mel

kecia said...

oh what a sweetie that frankie poo is! he definitely was in the zone. i love it when jeff is in the zone - but hate it when he's not and brings home something autricious and i have to pretend to love it! anyway, love the tree - have fun gettin those goodies off. i was eyeing a few of them!

Mel Seigfried said...

Heh there! Got your blog added to my fave blog list!! My addy is: Thanks for visiting and thanks for trading links w/me!! Mel


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