Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The proof is in the photos! Woohoo!
This all started with me making the HUGE decision to attend the Portland Art & Soul Retreat in October.....after having become BFF with Keesha in New Jersey and then us getting excited about both of us going to A & S and then we decide that we need to have matching anchor charms for the necklaces that we knew we would want to "buy" to put our charms on from the charm trade *which includes 50 people*............Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Oh, it gets better.....first you must remember that I have signed up for this mega charm trade and I've never made a charm in my life. I'm a paper artist! Okay, so I'm sitting in Texas thinking, "hmmmmm, I need to make 50 charms.....greee-aaaaaaat". By this time I must have been feelin' the power, been in the zone, because I tell K. that since she's making our anchor charms, I'LL MAKE OUR NECKLACES.

But, like my son is so fond of saying, "It's all good" - I was BORN to make jewelry....that's what I've decided!
I ordered the wire, bought the tools, found a 'pattern' and look what I did - I made two necklaces......

....and I think they look mahvelous..........LOL
I'm moving on to bracelets.
I'm going to sell the necklaces on Etsy after the retreat, and the bracelets.
If, however, you're reading this post and you want to buy a necklace or bracelet before the middle of October, email me.
These necklaces are going to be finished off with a high grade black cording to go around the back of the neck.....they're going to look fabulous!
I'm really excited!!
.............now on to designing and making my charms.
Oh, my.....

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Jennifer said...

Awesome! That is sooo exciting that you are going to start making jewelry! I love the little girl pendent! Cant wait to see your final work!!!


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