Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It tickles me every day when I think about what I've planned for my day and I find myself at about 3 p.m. and NOTHING I had planned has been accomplished! God does that to me just about every day and I can just picture him blowing some sort of liquid out of His nose as He laughs at me and my plan making!!
Well, today he obviously decided to give me a break and all college financial aid problems and computer problems appeared to be solved and I was able to actually sit down in my studio and upload about 20 new items onto my Etsy store.
I had the choice of that or creating something new.
I came to my senses and realized that unless I get my creations uploaded into my store that I'm simply creating for 'me'! That's a good thing until I remember the financial aid problems are for two boys in college......LOL

I invite you to my etsy store,, to check out my newest items!!
And, I'll have even more listed by next week.



Anonymous said...

20 items today? look at you go...nothing like kids with their hands out needing $$$ for motivation, huh?
off to check you full store out...

Sam I Am said...

lol hi jan..
i have to giggle because man, i too, do the SAME thing! i make this plan.. and next thing i know..its SUPPER time and I've accomplished NOTHING LOL
Glad to know im not alone out there :)
cute blog!!

Altered Kat said...

I'm tired just thinkin about it ;)


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