Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You see that blog post right below this one??? The one about the personal signature???
I totally did NOT post that!
How did that get there?
No one has my password.
I'm freaking out that someone had/has the ability to put that on my blog.
Can anyone tell me how that happened?
Or who do I go to to find out?
I feel like someone has broken into my house.

Hurry! He may still be here hiding in the bathtub!

***thank you, everyone, for all of your suggestions and attempts to stop me from looking in the bathtub everytime i came to blog!
i have followed all of your suggestions and did a little research on my account page and saw that quite a while ago i had given flickr permission to post pics on my blog, meaning that i could post photos directly from flickr without going through my software program or whatever first.
i am going to live the rest of my life "knowing" that flickr posted that wee post about personalizing your signature - i've stopped looking in the bathtub.
i've also revoked flickr's blog permission though i'm not sure that is what it was. . .
and since i cannot find a link to Bloggers customer service, i'm going on with my life like everything is right in the world! LOL


Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan!
I'm afraid someone HAS hacked your blog account and/or your email address. They obviously know or have figured out your password, so I would change it right away.That's the only way *I* know of for someone else to post something on your blog. I would scan my computer for spyware and malicious ad software (use Ad Aware or CCleaner) Both are free. And delete the post if you don't know what else might be embedded in the post!

Suzan Buckner said...

delete it first, then change your passwords. Make your passwords harder. (Letters/numbers).

Hope it don't hurt anything!!
Happy Belated B'day too!!

Pam Warden Art said...

Oh, I saw that post. Yikes. Hope all is well now. I was just thinking today about all the info we have on here, the sites we give info to to put on our side bars, How Do WE KNOW who they ARE???? I put a map of the visitors to my site on today, but, had that thought.
I hate hackers...why can't they get a hobby?

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

oh my goodness. this should be a lesson to all of us. be careful and I will say a prayer for you that this all gets resolved for you quickly.


Sweetina said...

That is very violating. Yes I am sute it feels like someone broke into your home. The advise everyone has given you is excellent. Take care now.

Mr N Mrs |mran said...

euwwww...jan I hope you follow what the other has suggested. Change your it quickly as you might not able to access to your blog anymore if the intruder do it first.

i think it's kinda robot thingy. you might want to scan your computer for spyware.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh ..once bloggy got all mixed up and someone was an author on The Primitive Gathering Blog that I did not know..
Bet SHE was as surprised as me.. Then it worked itself out..
I don't see that post..did you remove it??
and do you need me to come and catch the person ???

Suzie Button said...

Hi Jan! Glad you figured that out! I ruined a whole computer when I first began blogging, got feeling too safe and downloaded a blinkie that was a link from another site to this page of free downloads to enhance your blog and infected my computer with over 3,000 viruses within a DAY! Hubby had to redo my computer setup completely, he wasn't very happy with me! I try to be much more careful now, but I think it's pervasive in all computer interactions. YIKES! I think there are things in the bathtub too! Suzie

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Jan, okay, that was scary. Did you write that becuase Halloween is coming right up???? Hum, just when I was having fun at your bumper sticker you have me runnin' in fright of the hacker!!!!!!!!!


.....on my new blog now...


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