Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Thank you, Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you"

Hi, dear friends and family! I thought you might like an update on my mother's medical situation. . . . .but, first let's talk about ME:)

I have so much to be thankful for. . . .mom's progress *which we'll get to in a minute*, the fact that I was able to come to Michigan to be with her [because I'm married to the amazing Frank the Tank] and y'all, for your prayers.
Prayer works and mom's progress is a testament to that!!
Thank you, my sweet, sweet friends and family, for taking the time to pray for my mother.
Keep praying - it's working, but, she's far from recovered so we've got aways to go.

This first picture is of mom in the E.R. after her fall.

I always have my camera with me, but I'm not sure I would have been thinking along the lines of taking pictures in the emergency room! LOL! But, my sister, Jean, did - she thought I might want to scrapbook all of this.
Hmmmm, doesn't know me as well as I thought!!
I cannot look at this picture. No. No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no.

Eileen bought this little plush in the hospital gift shop - it looks JUST LIKE mom's maltese, Sophie. Oh, my, gosh, mom was thrilled! She kept that little Sophie wannabe at her side her entire hospital stay. Bless her heart!

This good lookin' thing is her favorite doctor, Dr. Rogers. She adored him and he took such good care of her in the hospital - he's now her *new* cardiologist:)

Would you believe this is her second day in the hospital???
It looks like a Mickey D's birthday party! All they were missing was the ball pit!
She had a big smile, enjoyed her best friend *who brought the food*, and that 1/2 of a wee bitty cheeseburger she ate.
Heck, that's the most she's eaten since then!

Right now my sister, Jean, is having her drink an Ensure which she is doing quite obediently.
That's because Jean told her that the doctor called and said that she had to drink it......all of it.
But, that's just fine with me - she drank it! LOL
Trust me. She is SO on morphine! She's crackin' me up, but it's not funny!
Bless her heart, I hate to see her loopy.
However, the first time I said that, my sisters were like in my face......"It's soooo much better than listening to her whimper in her sleep because the pain's so, so bad."
The picture below is one I took yesterday, my first day here.
I call this look her "Morphine Smile".
That's about it for today. Thanks, y'all for all you've been doing - the cards, calls and most of all, the prayers. They're working! That much you can see for yourself just by reading this post.
And, I know that she will continue to improve and will be completely healed, all accoring to God's will.
I have to tell you that the hardest part of this was, first, being in Texas when all of this happened last Wednesday and the following days, and now that I'm here???
It's so hard to see my mom incapacitated. I know a lot of you have already been through this kind of thing, that I'm not the first, but it's still hard.
I was thinking late last night about how this is like taking care of my babies those many years ago and here I am taking care of my mother like I took care of them. I hate it. . . .where's that vibrant, laughing, *fast moving without a walker* woman that I talked to on the phone two weeks ago?
I think about it, cry, go to sleep and get up the next morning ready to be Nurse Jannie another day - and, it's all good because God's in charge, you're praying, I'm with mom and mom's BFF cooked dinner:)


Loudlife said...

Oh, Jannie! I somehow overlooked the first email! I'm so sorry your poor mom is in pain. I have gone through this sort of thing and it's very difficult. The good news is that it does get better. Once she can be off the heavy medication you will see the same old person back with you.

It must have been so frightening to not be there and see for yourself what was going on. I'm happy you can be with her now. Your sister must be a sturdy woman to have taken that pic. I have to say, in the more recent photos she looks beautiful. She must have been a beauty queen.

I'll be thinking of you all the time. Take care of you, too.


PaperWhimsy said...

Go Mom go! What a fighter and a beautiful spirit she is. You have an amazing role model. More prayers that the healing moves along rapidly.

Tina said...

More prayers going up from here in Texas for all of you!!!BIG HUGS!

Laurel said...

Thank you for the update on your precious mom - most of us only get the one, ya know.....they're very important!
I'm still praying....

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear your mama is doing better :) I hope she continues to go from strength to strength x

Pam Warden Art said...

I'm so THRILLED that you get to be with your mom. She is SOOOOO pretty. Good genes for you huh!
Please give her a little hug for me and tell her I'm praying for her and your family.
God is good~even when life is hard.
Love you DEAR,DEAR Friend.

cindy said...

Jan, glad to hear that she is finally getting some pain relief and that she is healing nicely. Take care of yourself too, eat good and get rest! Keepin ya in prayer.


Cottage said...

I am SO glad to hear your mom is doing better! She looks so happy and peaceful, she certainly deserves a little 'lift' after all she's been through.
It's nice to know when we are at our weakest HE shines strong!

Dayna Collins said...

Jan, you're a hoot taking photos of your mom in the ER - I would probably have done the same! (Aren't we sick?) Your mom looks so much improved sitting in the chair and she is SUCH a pretty lady. She is lucky to have you . . . Dayna


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