Sunday, October 19, 2008


"pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.", was all I could whimper.

". . . . . .I am glad that God promises that his Spirit interprets for us when all we have in us is prayers like these. . . . ." (Jay Dozier, my friend and pastor)

I will pray for you at any time for any reason.
If you've got something sad, hard, depressing or tough, I'll be right there with the right words and the right spirit.

Until my precious mother fell backwards, knocked herself unconcious and literally, for real, cracked her skull and incurred a hematoma. A hematoma is blood between the skull and the brain causing pressure that gives you a killer headache estimated to last for approximately two weeks - that's the way this was explained to me).
This happened last Wednesday and landed her in ICU two thousand miles away from me.

Then, all I could pray, all I could whimper, was "please" and at times, "nononononononononono...".

Jay said it so well when he said, "Our individual cries for help are perfectly suitable. And when we link our cries for help with those who love the Lord, we are more able to see him working all things out for the good for those who love him."

I'm asking you now, if I haven't asked you already, to pray with me for my mother. My heart bleeds to hear my sister(s) tell me how she whimpers in pain, how she begs for more pain medicine.
It's been so hard being so far away.
I've not been afraid for my mother's healing because I know God is taking care of her, but, I am suffering along with her because I am so, so far away during this horrible time.

It's been scary news, bad news, then good news, then bad news, then good news.
We're back to the bad news.
Mom started out in ICU, was sent home, her headache was totally unmanageable and she was taken back to the ER in the early hours this morning.
She's been re-admitted to the hospital and will probably be there through Tuesday. They've changed her pain meds *yet again* and hopefully this marriage will work and she will receive some relief from the excruciating pain in her head.
If that happens, she'll get to go back home *under 24/7 care*.

If it doesn't, ohhhhh, this is so hard to say.
If it doesn't, she'll very likely be put in a nursing facility (I will not say "home" because the only way I am going to let her go, is fighting tooth and nail) until the pain is manageable, gone,

Jean, Eileen and Joan have been there with mom since last week. They all have committments and jobs and families, so I am flying out on Tuesday (this Tuesday) and unless something changes and I need to stay longer, I'll be with my mom for two weeks.

I have custom orders to fulfill and holiday pieces to create, but I work well under pressure:) I should be back by November 4th, so I should be okay with "my job". *giggle*

So. There you go, dear friends. I'm counting on you to be praying for my sweet mother.
Oh, and for those of you that don't know what caused her to black out, it was her blood pressure. It dipped and she lost it.

If she had my butt, it would have hit the floor first instead of her head and we wouldn't be going through all of this. That's how I see it.



Laurel said...

Dear Jan,
My thoughts and prayers are with your and your whole family - thinking of you with love and healing thoughts...

cindy said...

Jan, so sorry to hear about your Mom. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers as well. But good to see you have not lost your sense of humor! : D


Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan,
I know too well the kind of prayers you're talking about...the Bible says, "The tears of the saints are precious in the sight of God." They do not go unnoticed, dear friend.

I will be praying, and mobilizing my prayer "task force" on your mother's behalf! Peace, dear sister!

Tina said...

Prayers you and your dear mother!!

Rhondamum said...

I am so sorry to hear your news Jan. Of course your mom, you and your family will all be in my prayers. The more prayers, the better. I might be far away, but if there is anything I can do to help you, don't hesitate to let me know. Take care and I will check back soon. Please keep us posted and stay strong!


Shelly said...

I will be praying for your beautiful mother...and you.

ps....loved the butt comment :-)

PaperWhimsy said...

I am a big baby when it comes to headaches; I cannot fathom what your dear mother is going through. I am praying for your beautiful mother. May she find respite from her pain and may God's healing hands guide her to a quick recovery.

PS My dad was in a nursing facility after one of his amputations - it is a place where they can provide your mother the very best of care for her pain when the hospital has to release her and she isn't quite ready to go home. It isn't permanent, love.

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

thanks, y'all.
thanks so much for your prayers.
that's all.
thanks so much.

Roxie said...

I'm praying Jan, just wanted you to know. I hate hearing of others in so much pain. She is a beautiful woman, thank you for sharing her with us.

Blaiz said...

Oh, Jan, I'm so sorry to hear this news. Your mother and you will be in my prayers!

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Jan-I am praying for your sweet mom, she looks so sweet in those pictures, she has great smile lines and happy eyes!!! Praying that she is pain free and feeling better very very soon!!! Thanks for letting us join you in prayer, it is a powerful thing we can do for one another!!!-Sandra

Robin said...

Oh Jan--I am so sorry to hear about your mom and her pain. Pain SUCKS!!! I'll keep you both in my prayers (safe travels!) and please keep us posted as to how things are going!!!

Lennea said...

praying for your mom. I know how you feel, my mom has several conditions that cause her great pain and most medications don't help or if they do help they make her totally loopy. I don't like it when my mommy feels bad!

prayers coming your way

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Jan..I will pray for all of you.
I have a wee bitty idea of how her head hurts..but I know her's is worse..Glad you're going, it will be so good for you and I'll "see " ya in 2 WEEKS..God is good

zhulia said...

Oh, Jan, of course I will keep you and your mom in my prayers. And, as always, if I can help in any way, please let me know...


My prayers are with you and your Mom. May she have a quick and complete recovery! - Teresa

Sarah said...

In my thoughts and Prayers Jan

Hugs Sarah xxx

Becs said...

Jan, Oh my gosh! I certainly will add you all to my prayers. I noticed that you said your pastor and friend's name is Dozier. My maiden name is Dozier. Not a common name. I do have distant relatives in the mid west and central states.....Love to chat with you about it sometime....GOd Bless you and remember that GOd is in control. Becs

Anonymous said...

Your mama looks so lovely; big healing hugs and well wishes to her from me. xx

Pam Warden Art said...

I am praying for your mom dear Jan.
Sending you many hugs.

pinkkandy said...

Jan... I dont know you I just started viewing your blog ...God knows no strangers....I ask in Jesus name for a swift healing and the pain to be stopped...God give these sisters peace and rest...thank you Father for hearing and answering.
angels hovering oh so close...Kandy

Suzie Button said...

Jan, I am sad to see this news. I haven't visited your blog in about a week and a half I think, and this is not good. I will pray for you and your whole family, Mom included. I pray for her pain to go away and to have restored health very soon! Blessings to you and yours, and I hope your trip to her is safe! Suzie


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