Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi, my precious friends and family, my faithful prayer warriors, and all of you that voted for McCain. (I'm kidding, you sillies)

We'll start this post with a picture of my mother *going through her Publisher's Clearinghouse tree*
(get it? the trees they waste putting all of those packets together? Junk mail - another post...). She's home! She feels like sitting up and reading, she's eating and drinking (water - I'm drinking Boones Farm) JK!
If we keep her on her pain med schedule then she doesn't get a headache! woooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

I was so happy when I saw my mom the morning after her *brain* surgery and saw how wonderful she looked compared to the night before {just after her surgery} that the words just popped out of my mouth - "I'M SO HAPPY!" when I saw her.
I was just so stinkin' happy!
God is so good! I knew that he would fix everything, that he would heal my mother, but to have him do it per my request [heehee], uh-hum, in such a wonderful way was, well, all I can say is, "PRAISE GOD!" Remember my first post? "pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease"?
We're a far cry from that with, "praiseGodpraiseGodpraiseGodpraiseGod"!

Through all of this I was stressed from sitting, sitting, sitting at the hospital waiting, waiting, waiting for doctors, didn't get very good sleep *or enough*, concerned that the doctors weren't communicating with each other [don't get me started],
determined to keep up with my blog posts for those of y'all that I knew were praying and checking for updates - you get it.
But not once, never, did I doubt God, loose my faith, waver in my belief that God was in charge no matter what his will. My mom was in the best of hands - His - and now she's home and doing fabulously.

The neurosurgeon drilled two holes in her skull and drained out approximately 1/4 cup of f-l-u-i-d. *gagging*
The night of the surgery, after mom had been moved into ICU, she had a honkin' headache ("I
know!!") and it was pretty spooky looking down at her in her bed in the darkened room where we were told "no cell phones, no noise".
Needless to say, my brother and sisters and I didn't stay long.
Flash forward to the next morning. . . ."I'M SO HAPPY!"

So. The next day, that would be yesterday, mom is being released - *happy dance*.
It's going to be a while before the paper work is finished and she can leave and Jean's at the hospital so. . . . . .Joan and I make a quick run to the antique mall in downtown Kalamazoo and I managed to get a hit, a fix.
These things below are just a few of the precious treasures that I found. Check out that sweet girl, and that small square box thing with the vintage ribbon. Those black dots are straight pins, and then there are the vintage baby shoes *I hope to make into pin cushions*, oh, and that fabric children's book, and the pink floral hat with pink netting, and that beautiful vintage hankie.
I wish you could have been there. I had goosebumps.

I just must show you a close-up of the vintage hankie. Isn't it gorgeous?
I found about a half dozen white vintage hankies there with beautiful needle work. Again, goosebumps.

One more thing and I'll stop talking! {I think because I'm getting to talk about something other than p-u-s and s-c-a-b-s that I'm a bit giddy}
Okay, these vintage Valentines were THE FIND OF THE DAY!
About 20 of them, all precious and all priced at, well, I just can't say it. It's obscene.
Wanna guess???
Hmmmm. Okay, I'm tired and wanna go to bed and read. Tomorrow will be here before I know it!
Oh, and fyi, I was supposed to be home yesterday, but, changed my plane reservations and will be staying with my mother until the 20th. That's two more weeks.
Please don't forget me - I'll need some type of stimulation other than a med schedule, taking mom's blood pressure 3X a day, doctor's appointments, walking to the mailbox and back every day for mom's exercise, cooking (okay, heating up what Joan cooked and froze), watching Law and Order re-runs day after day, and counting my blessings - I need y'all to keep me mindful of my studio and that it WILL be waiting for me when I go home.
Oh, and Frank the Tank??? He misses me terribly - says it's boring without me. Hope that doesn't change! LOL



Anonymous said...

YEAH MOM...she looks great reading her junk mail. And your little "finds" are precious. I'm thinkin' the Valentines were (stinkin' cute) about $10? Close? Did I mention my anniversary is the 14th of Feb?????????? I'll check on you in a day or so to make sure you're behaving - I know your Mom is!!!
Hugs and pink kisses....


Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan!
I LOVE the new look of the blog...very classy! OF COURSE! I am so grateful we have a God who's alive and well and interested in our lives! Praise the Lord! SO glad your mom is doing better! I will keep both she and you and your fam in my prayers...blessings!

Mija said...

So So happy to hear your mama is doing so much better!!! Love and prayer... powerful medicine!

Hope you can get some good sleep now too. Better rest up so you can stay healthy too, sweet girl!

okay, vintage valentines... were they $3.00? :-)

Love and blessings to you and your family. XO Mija

SarahD said...

Hi J.T so glad your mom is home and doing ok. I love your finds. Ill check back often to make sure you are both ok.
Big hugs to you both
Lovce and lollipops Ms Sarah xx


God is good - all the time! So glad to hear that your Mom is doing so well. Give her a big kiss for me!


Laurel said...

So great to hear your good news! Now do some relax relax relaxing!
p.s. - is it me, or is the Word Verification engine getting a sense of humor? It's asking me to type "pholly" right now....

PaperWhimsy said...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! A mighty fine day and more on the horizon. The happy dance all the way over here in Indianapolis!

Blaiz said...

Forget about you? Um, I don't think so! I'm glad you mom is doing better.

I think the Valentines were $2.00 total.

Tina said...

Praise the Lord, she doing better and is now home!!!!! YOu made me laff thinking about you 'happy dancin' and if I guess what the V's cost do I get them ;) a bux each..big Texas hugs from your 'little' fren..

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Oh such good news!!! God is good!! He was watching over you and your mom this week!!! I will continue to pray for progress and we will all look forward to hearing more good news!!!-Sandra

Dayna Collins said...

Jan, yes, good news about your Mom. And I so understand needing an antique/flea market "fix." Good for you - caregivers need breaks AND creative inspiration to keep going. Enjoy this opportunity to spend time and be with your Mom - your studio will be waiting and I believe you will return renewed and ready to create. Blessings to you and you family, Dayna


I am so happy for your Mother and for you too!!!! It is so stressful waiting and worrying and hopefully now that she is on the mend you can get back to some normalcy. I love your vintage finds... a little junkin' makes everything look brighter!!!
Have a Blessed weekend!!!

Carol Stocker said...

Just checking in to see how "mom" is doing after her surgery and am pleased to see her sitting up with brightly painted fingernails reading her mail. Yippee! My guess is the same as Mija's $3 BUCKS for the lot of 20. Love ya, Carol


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