Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Check it out.
First of all, a post NOT about my mom (who is at home and healing with my prodding....).
Secondly, since I'm in Kalamazoo and my sister, Jean, knows I do odd, she took me to her friend's house, Joan and Eric's, to see their place KNOWING that I would love it.
And, I did. I LOVED it!
Okay. This first picture is a shot taken from their *really cool* deck.
You are looking at..............are you ready???................Frank the Tank is SO going to want one...............their pellet gun shooting range! ROTF!!
What a hoot! I LOVED IT and I don't even do guns!
But, I thought it was hysterical. I can just see Frank sitting on the lane, (we don't have a deck, just a patio and if you shot from it you'd be aiming towards the pool and the horse barn - I just didn't feel like that was a good idea....) anyway, back to Frank.......he'll be sitting on the lane, shooting at the shooting range I plan on assembling when I get home!
.....See the little town? the mermaid from that animated movie??? Oh, I'm dyin' here!!
Look closely at the pictures, they're great! I just must re-create the range from Joan and Eric's!
Oh. Oh. First, I'll have to go to the Salvation Army and buy just the right targets.
Isn't this hysterical???
Oh, and move the bench that I pulled out of a stranger's trash pile by the side of the road, set it up with targets.............and when the boys come home during breaks from college??? They'll LOVE this!
Oh, and we'll have to buy a pellet gun. [Being from Texas, we only have real guns - the targets would have to be honkin' if we used real, I mean, if THEY, used real guns]
Now, this mobile below, I would have bought. The problem was that it wasn't for sale.
I was so bummed.
The metal part is from an old paint store's paint can shaker machine. Isn't it wonderful? And the animal bones??? Well, these animal bones came from Joan and Eric's five acres - they're smaller animals but I think they make a great mobile.
What was that movie where the girl used bones to make mobiles???...........
Anyway, we have bones all over the ranch! I just need to find a great metal thing to hang them from....
This baby doll on the metal planter???
I never really cared for those tricycle planters. I've always thought they were, oh, I can't say I thought they were stupid, I might hurt someone's feelings, but I always thought they were just not me.
There. That works.
Well, I've since changed my mind and am on the lookout for a metal tricycle planter so I can put a nasty baby doll in the driver's seat! THIS IS HYSTERICAL!
The clown.
Used, I think, to scare small children, is on the pathway from the deck to the house. I LOVE IT! LOL
The unicorn lamp wouldn't fit in my purse! That's the only reason it's still in their house.
Isn't it fabulous??? Oh, and they have two.
Unicorn - lamp - hogs.
Getting in the car I noticed the paint brush.
A fine piece of art.
So, those are the highlights of my visit to Joan and Eric's Triple Nasty Bohemian Country Club.
It was wonderful! A little side trip during all of the stress - it was great!



Looks like the perfect yard for a game of "I Spy". So glad your Mom is doing so much better!


Loudlife said...

The. Best. Place. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I am on the floor with you laughing over this place! It's great! I don't do guns either, but I might - especially if you put a couple of barbies in there!

Sorry I haven't commented - but I've been keeping tabs! The DH was sick for the last week, stay-home-from-work-sick, and that had me running so much that I only could read most blogs. It's a good thing he went back to work or we might have "had an accident" here...

I'm so thrilled that your mom is better! How great! Please give her my best wishes for a complete recovery, too.

It's great that you got that break (my guess is that the valentines were $1.50 for a little ziplock bag of them) - I'd say that all those fab finds were good karma coming back at you, sister!


Loudlife said...

Oh, I started another Haiku challenge, and I tagged you - I just didn't want to bother you with that stuff while your mom was sick.

Sweetina said...

That is the funniest shooting range ever! You have some fun fun friends! The spooky doll on the back had me falling off the chair!
Cute unicorn lamp and with a pink and white shade! I'll a dozen!

sammy said...

Oh I love this! Had to show hubby and he said smart people! What a fun thing to have... since we live out in the country, I won't be surprised if we end up with one... Thanks so much Jan for the Birthday card.... ment a lot to me for you t o take the time with your mom being so hurt... :0) Each day I am getting better! Just a slow, verry slow pr ocess! and so Thankful to God that your mom is home! You just can't beat the power of prayer and God's love for each of us! hugs, sammy

SweetAnnee said...

Ok..odd it is..but not BAD odd.. Interesting..
I'd love to practice my shot

Halo Hill said...

Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! I added it to my favorites as well!


p.s I like the dolly on the tricycle best!


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