Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So many blessings, so little time.
No, wait.
That's not the way it goes.
So many blessings, so little time.
What is wrong with me??? I can't get it right!

However, when I think of all that I have to do, all of the obligations and commitments that threaten to overwhelm me, all of the friends and family that I feel like I'm not paying enough attention to.....
....because I am able to be in the middle of "all of this" and I know that I am physically able to get to all of it *in time*. Last year at this time I was in and out of the hospital and at one point, almost died.
So, I am feelin' mighty blessed right now.....

Blake and Clay are home from college and I can hear them and their many friends down the hall in Clay's bedroom laughing,
Craig gets Thanksgiving off and will be home tomorrow morning and as a rookie (police officer), to get a holiday off is amazing,
My boys have the best father and I have the most wonderful, supportive and understanding husband,
I'm serving lunch at the Salvation Army tomorrow,
I have orders continue to flow into my Etsy store,
I'm opening a second online shop by the 1st of December *maybe the 1st! LOL*,
I'm finishing up three swap commitments that I made before I had to rush up to Michigan,
I was able to spend almost five weeks with my mother and my siblings after my mother's fall,
My mother is getting better every day; she's doing great,
I have amazing friends, some I've never met,
I can walk,
and I have an amazing God that gets me through all of the hard times, is with me during all of the good times, and continues to love me even though I'm so unworthy.

I am blessed.
So, so blessed.

Below, this is a picture of mess on the table in the sitting area of my bedroom where I'm working on one of those many commitments I mentioned..................just looking at this picture makes me smile - I love creating!

Of course, the pictures are out of order..... I never do get them uploaded correctly but have learned to *sometimes, like tonight* look past it and simply 'blog'. This one is of the snow I experienced while in Kalamazoo at mom' October linen.........and, of course, no coat.

This is a picture of my mom doing her leg lifts with her ankle weights on - she's become very diligent and is doing all of her exercises every day:)
Oh, and see the *ugly, dated, not owned by my mother* recliner she's sitting in?
It's gone.
She's gotten so much better that she doesn't need a chair that she can doze in when up!
Praise God!..........that she's so much better and that that chair is gone!
I need to get back to my "commitments" and will end this post.
I'm so glad to be home - I think I neglected to tell you that I came home last Thursday -
we were late in taking off out of Detroit because THE PLANE HAD TO BE DEICED........
and I was wearing linen.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my precious readers.
YOU bless me!

XOXO, .........Jan


Anonymous said...

I love your new blog look. And great to see Mom doing so well. AHA...I recognize those ornaments! I'll drop by the LPOP SHOP when it opens.
Hugs my are a blessing.


Tina said...

Glad your back and things are great at your house!! Big hugs!! and if you look in my blog you will see a doll arm that belongs to you in a photo :)

SarahD said...

Hope you are doing ok? Glad to see your mum doing so well. I also recognise those ornaments xxx
hugs to you xx


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