Saturday, November 1, 2008


oh, good grief. i have tried to upload these photos in the correct order TWICE and i can't get it to work and after you read this post you'll understand why i'm posting it with the pictures out of order - i just can't mess with them any more.
this picture below is of mom and her best friend, norma, at mom's this last week.
norma is amazing.
mom can be in the worst mood and the minute norma shows up, her entire persona changes.
it's so aggravating - we've been putting up with mom being pitiful all day and then walks in norma and you'd never know that mom had been pitiful just minutes before! LOL
below is mom laying on the couch a couple of days ago with her baby, sophie, at her head, *probably* watching a Law and Order re-run.
okay, here we go......starting the out of order pictures - aughhhh! - this is mom leaving the doctor's office this last week after getting her stitches out. they had to wrap this turban around her head to keep the bandage over the s-c-a-b (i cannot say that word - makes me want to vomit) that was still on the back of her head where the stitches were because that's where she hit her head when she fell (ewwwwwwwww!).
nikki, her nurse, seemed to be rather fond of gauze. i can't help but wonder about that...
nikki is wrapping *and wrapping and wrapping and wrapping* gauze around mom's head.....i told you she had a thing for gauze.
jean, my sister, is helping nikki take the stitches out. guh-ross.
i was in the room only to take the pictures for blogging.
it was after this one that i hit the waiting room - too disgusting.
nikki obviously loves her job which i think is fortunate because there is no way i'm getting close to s-c-a-b-s or p-u-s.
no, no, no, not me. give me glue and paper and let nikki handle the bloody stuff.
still out of order, jean and mom waiting in the doctor's office to have the stitches removed.
okay, it's at this time that we start to go downhill.

last night we took mom to the E.R. because the last three days her headaches have gotten really bad and she had become nauseous. i insisted that we take her to the doctors and that they send her for a CAT scan because i knew something was up.......i admit that i had to get a wee bit bossy. they did the cat scan and wanted us to go home and wait for he doctor to call us with the results - right.
it's 4 p.m. on friday and we're going to go home and wait for the doctor to call that afternoon.

i told them we were not leaving;
that we would wait for the results and talk to the doctor that afternoon in person.
don't argue with me.
it worked *of course* and aren't we glad i was insistant.

long story short, fluid around the subdural hematoma which was causing pressure against the skull and brain and therefore, causing the headaches and nausea. they admitted her to the E.R. where we sat (mom laid down on the bed) in folding chairs for SEVEN hours waiting for admittance into the hospital.

finally, at 1:30 a.m. we go to her room.
she's put on this medicine called mannital (sp?) that pulls the fluid off the brain, blah, blah, blah.

anyway, she'll be here until at least tomorrow and she is NOT delightful. she is pissed.

there. i said it. *the "p" word. i said it because it's true. she's been rather upset about being in the hospital which i thought called for some comic worked for about 10 seconds...............
before i close, i must tell y'all thank you.

every single one of you that has been praying and y'all that have left the most encouraging comments and sent the sweetest emails - i cannot thank you enough.
i had hoped to write each of you a personal email but there have been so many emails and posts that i'm afraid that's not going to happen, so let me tell you now how much i appreciate y'all and how much i love each of you.

also, my original plan was to be here for two weeks, flying back home this tuesday, but it's obvious to me that that's not going to happen. i'll be changing my flight home; i don't know how much longer i'll need to stay, i need to talk to my sisters first, but it will be a while longer.

i'm going to have to ask my best friend go to my studio and send me something more to work on....................or maybe not - below is what i've gotten accomplished so's slow going.

i love you all dearly and thank you again for your faithfulness in your prayers.



Pam Warden Art said...

Thanks for the update. Wow, so glad you insisted on remaining at the hospital. We are praying for you and your mom and sisters.
Many hugs,
Your Pal Pam kinda like Flicka :)

Chris Flynn said...

Hi Jan.... I'm sending you lots of prayers and hugs! You don't know me, but I started following your blog a while back and have been checking every day to see how your Mom is. I think this last procedure will the the last, and that she'll be home and recovered soon. I'm thankful she has you and your sister to be cranky around. Keep those visitors coming! The more mom smiles, the quicker her recovery!
Know that you are a blessing and that you'll be back home soon, creating and being the wonderful artist you are.
Love and Hugs, Chris Flynn

PaperWhimsy said...

You didn't put enough space between s-c-a-b-s and p-u-s; I still read the words. Gross. You had me laughing out loud, tho. Laughter is the best medicine but probably not when you have a headache.

BTW, you go girl! I want you on my team if I ever have to go to hospital!!

Get well, soon, Mom!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

CHRIS FLYNN - oh, i hope you see this - please let me know how to contact you! jan

Carol Stocker said...

HI Pinky! Just checking in to see how your mom is getting along. Sounds like the surgery will help a lot with the pressure and headaches...I certainly pray strong, keep the faith and I love your "bad" "bossy" self. You rock sister friend. Hugs, Carol

Carol Stocker said...

p.s. I LOVE your new blog layout, theme and colors! Magnificent!


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