Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow. Team Tina was such a great idea - a nudge from God several months ago - that did so many things to bless Tina while she was battling cancer.

If you're not aware of Team Tina's efforts to bless Tina, notes were sent by our wonderful women, a tag gate was made by the women *which you can read about in a prior post if you're not aware of it* and then there was the Cash Campaign where we raised money to help with expenses not covered by insurance or for whatever Will and Tina needed it for......

And, certainly, I'm not saying that Team Tina was the only group of women that blessed Tina during her battle. I'm sure you're all aware of the hundreds of people that blessed her in many different ways. But, God put together Team Tina and that's what I know so that's what I'll post about:)

In our Cash Campaign we raised THREE HUNDRED THIRTY DOLLARS for Will to use, like I said, in any capacity needed. Well, I talked to Will earlier this week and we were trying to work out a chance for me to stop by and deliver the money order in person and have some time together. Unfortunately, he's working a job in Tulsa and won't be home when I'm driving through on my way home from Michigan later this week. However, in talking with Will I discovered that he has started a scholarship program for the high school that Tina attended using all of the monies that generous friends have donated through the trust account set up in Tina's name. He wants to add our Cash Campaign money to that scholarship account. Is that the coolest thing?? I'm so excited to know that Tina's name will live on in her hometown, her high school and that every year for how long we don't know, a graduate will benefit from the money that has been pouring in through different avenues, INCLUDING ours. PRAISE GOD!

I've always said that there is at least one blessing in every "disaster" and I personally think we're looking at one of those blessings. Tina, who was so giving, so thoughtful, lives on in many ways, including this scholarship fund. What a blessing!

Thank you, Will, for your willingness to help Tina live on in so many lives!
And, to the women that donated to the Cash Campaign, know that you are a blessing and be blessed by that.

God bless you all,


jeanne said...

Hello Jan, this is a lovely tribute to Tina and I know she would be pleased. The cash is terrific. You are a true friend and I admire you for being the caring person you are.

It is very late and I am glad you are posting. I haven't been over because I knew you were gone. Thank you for the email.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

trash talk said...

Wow, what a legacy! This is a wonderful thing he is doing and God bless Team Tina for their big hearts. So many of us worry that we will be forgotten once we go home, but through her loving family and friends efforts, she certainly won't be.

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, Jan ~ What a wonderful effort & legacy for Tina.
Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~Marydon


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