Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, okay, I didn't exactly have a baby...
What I did have, what I do have is a new puppy!

Excuse me?
I said that I would rescue any dog, but no more puppies??
No 'mam, not me, too old for a puppy, too much work, noppers.
Give me a house trained mutt that needs a home and I'm there.

Then God introduced me to one of my dearest friends, Pam Warden, a (licensed - woohoo!!) artist with an amazing gift and a heart unlike anyone I know.
So, her dogs, a Yorkie and a Cairn, get married and have puppies.
She sends me pictures, I fall in love and claim "that one!".

When I drive up to my mom's in Michigan after Christmas, I make a detour through Madison, Wisconsin, to meet Pam and John, her husband, and snag the newest member of our 'kennel'.
5 weeks old
We had a great evening and breakfast the next morning. They were in Madison for an art show and because they drove through blizzard-like weather to get down to Madison, we didn't have as much time to spend together. But, it being the first time that Pam and I had met in person (we had been emailing and talking on the phone for what seems like forever) it was a wonderful time! We noticed that we both tended to talk at the same time and I told her it was because neither of us stopped talking.
See that one sharp tooth?? She has FOUR of those - we call them razors.
When I picked her up she was this wee little thing and she couldn't have weighed more than two pounds. Cutest thing you ever saw 'ceptin' for my boys.
Beautiful little girl in pink (is there any other color??)
It's been amazing watching her change color since I picked her up. When I got her, she was pretty much a little black girl. Now, she's getting that Yorkie coloring on her legs, neck, face, and, well, okay, her behind. That means it always looks like she just took a poop and got it all over herself when I look at her from behind real quick. It makes my heart skip a beat thinking that she's had yet another accident. Then, I realize that it's just her coloring.
Well, sometimes it's not just her coloring. Sometimes I can smell that it's not just her coloring.
8 weeks old and I'm totally smitten!
Did I mention that just God and I knew about this new addition to our family at this point? Just wondering if I had mentioned that I was planning on surprising the Tank with our new puppy. No?? Well, that was the plan, so when it was time to leave for home with my mom in tow I also had mom's darling Maltese, Sophie, in tow, but also the new puppy for our very long trip home. I must say that the first hour and a half in the car with puppy in the kennel in the backseat of my convertible and me in the front seat wasn't very pleasant for anyone within hearing distance (and it wasn't me screaming - it was HER!) But, after that initial period she settled down and the rest of the trip was great.
I was really, really glad she got over her separation anxiety because I was NOT looking to have another appendage - my laptop's enough.
Finally home and finding peace in chewing on a throw-away box instead of mommmy's *bloody* hand.
She is settling into ranch life just like you would expect a puppy to.
She bugs Ben until he shows his teeth though he's now too old to growl (Ben's a dog).
She plays with Killer and Baxter which lasts about 5 seconds until they run for the couch *because she can't reach it*.
And, she is making Maytag, the cat that thinks she is a dog, neurotic. She will not leave her alone and the poor kitty doesn't have any claws in her front paws. (However, if I WAS Maytag, I'd swat the heck outta that puppy - I think it'd just take one time...)
Oh, and by the way, boys, this is your little sister. hahaha
As you can see, we are starting to look alike - both laughing a LOT!

I haven't told y'all her name, have I?
Her name is Sister.
Sister Mary Tina after my precious friend, Tina Wright.
Oh, and she's Catholic.

Blessings, y'all, from the kennel!    
I love you!!
P.S. The Tank went to hug and kiss me when I walked in when we got home and I was holding a wiggling Sister behind my back and when he reached his arms around me for his hug he felt her.
His reaction?
"Uh, oh, I KNOW what that is!!" hahaha - he loves her and wasn't a bit surprised:)


Anonymous said...

i offer my happiest congrat's to you and yours! what an exciting time..tres adorable little puppy!


Paula Clare said...

Oh Jan! How completely adorable! And naming her after our dear friend Tina is just perfect...what a sweet little angelic face! Congrats to both mom and hound! lol

Pam Warden Art said...

Sister is cuter than ever and the pic of you both is wonderful.
Pam said...

Sister is a perfect name! I don't think I could have resisted that little cutie! suzie. xxx

Debby said...

Whoop!!!! Sister is darling and how lucky she is to have such a great Mom!!! Congrats on your new baby.

LiLi M. said...

I immediately showed the photos of Sister to my daughter and she asked: OOoo who has that cutie? And I told her: remember that Bichon Frisee that ate all that chocolate and we laughed!! Congrats to you for picking such a cutie, hope you have all the fun in the world with each other!

Julie Ann said...

Awwww!! What a beautiful baby!! She's so sweet!!! I'm so glad you get to enjoy her!

My favorite line in this post: She bugs Ben until he shows his teeth though he's now too old to growl (Ben's a dog).

Oh- how you've made me smile today :) Give Sister, Ben, Killer, Baxter, and Maytag all an extra squeeze from me :)

Molly Alexander said...

So, so, so cute that, with those puppy-dog eyes and smile, you can almost forgive her 'accidents'!

Have fun with your new baby!

:-) Molly

the wild raspberry said...

she is so sweet and really does look like she's smiling!

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Oh she is sooooo cute!

Diva Kreszl said...

she is just precious...I'm not surprised you couldn't resist that sweet little face!

Sweetina said...

She's A Doll! And so are you!!!
SHe'll be the future Leader of THe Pack of The Ranch animals!!!

Bettyann said...

Jan, she is the sweetiest lil thing...Love the big happy smile on both your faces..the name is sweet ...take care..

Robin said...

Baxter and I are over in the corner. Our opinion, "whatever".

; )

Congrats on your teeny baby. May she give you hours of joy and laughter!!!

Kathy said...

I love the puppy, love her! And I love your ring also, spied it in the pic.
Very vintage and yummy!


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