Monday, January 25, 2010


.....Haiti is on my heart and mind today like it probably is for almost every other person I know. And we feel stuck.

A Haitian child carries food at a refuge camp in Port-au-Prince.

.....I'm not unique in the feeling of what can I possibly do from here? I see a few options.

A woman walks among the debris in Port-au-Prince surveying the wreckage.
About a third of Haiti's population, or 3 million people have been affected by the earthquake.
Curl up into the fetal postition and curse God and wonder how things can go to Hell in a hand basket.

Obsess with worry and fear and helplessness.

Not think about it at all because I can't see it from my house.

Do something.

I think you just might know me well enough by now to know where I land.

But what can any of us do when we are sitting over here in our warm houses in front of a computer with our beverage of choice nearby and our healthy kids playing in the next room? (Insert your life's details into that question.)

A couple of things. Really. There are a couple of things you can actually do.

First and foremost, pray. .....Pray for the parents looking for children and children looking for parents. Pray for help to make it there. Pray for all those who want to help to work well together, not making things worse by stirring up the chaos.

Haitian worshipers pray Sunday morning outside the destroyed cathedral
of Port-au-Prince.
Give. I know things are tight, but you know what? That's just an excuse. Do you realize how far our money could go if we all gave ten bucks today? I'm not kidding. Just don't have three of your fancy coffees this'll be fine. And, if you're wondering who to give to, here are two trustworthy options: &

Young earthquake victims sleep without shelter.
(An aside: today is not the day to start the debate up of why should we help all of the way over there when people are hurting right here. If that's your opinion, then give ten bucks to the Salvation Army down the street and ten bucks to help Haiti. People are people.)

Do. Do what? What can you do from here, really?

  • Spread the word. Use Twitter, Facebook, your blog, email. Just pick a solid organization that is trying to do something and then tell everyone you know to support it.
  • Go on with your life. I don't mean this with a cavalier attitude. I mean cook your family good meal tonight, with gratitude. Hug your kids a bit longer. Cuddle with them on the couch and watch their favorite show. Color a picture with them. Play a game with your family. Call your mom or your kids or your sister or your best friend and tell them you love them. 
I'm serious. Let moments like this that can rock our world, no pun intended, do just that. Let them remind you that life is short and tough, but we can love and hope and pray.

Tents and other temporary shelters cover a stadium surface in Loagan, Haiti, on Sunday, January 17th.
Okay, stop reading now. Go take one little action. And say a prayer.
(c) Elisabeth IK. Corcoran, 2010

Though the above words are not mine, they could be. Elisabeth is speaking what I've been thinking and speaking these last several days, only she does it so much better than I ever could. And, she got me to post on my blog about Haiti.
Praise God and thank God for Elisabeth Corcoran.
(I subscribe to and that is where I read Ms. Corcoran's words.)

God bless you, all of my readers.


Diva Kreszl said...

Amen! very well said indeed. said...

Wonderful post! I have posted about Haiti this week too. If everone gave even the tiniest amount, it would soon add up to an awful lot! suzie. xxx

Bettyann said...

Thanks Jan..I have posted about Haiti on my blog, made coments on other blogs..donated to the canadian red our gov't will match our far canadians have donated 57 we keep giving and yes if you think that funds need to be given locally do it..even if it cans of beans, peanut butter and tuna to the local food bank each week...take care..miss you..

Lynn Richards said...

Amen!! Our church is giving whatever money we raise to missionaries we are specifically connected to. I love that. So personal. Also, pray for the human trafficking. The children are so, so vulnerable right now and hideous group like this prey on the children.
Love to you, lynn

jeanne said...

Hi Jan, those words sure do make me realize how little it takes to support that poor island and the people who are desperate for help. We are doing something through our rotary club. locally. They have a drive for money and help packing 100,000 meals for the children in Haiti. The whole community is helping with this project. They are taking cash donations too. the real problem is getting to the island. The airport is so backed up. What we are packing now can't reach Haiti until March. A sad situation isn't it?

I am glad you posted Elizabeth's words. It makes one want to do something. A great post.

Hugs, Jeanne


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