Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi, y'all! Believe it or not I'm stepping up and posting the first two pairs of earrings that I've made.............. ever.............. before.................. posting them for the entire world to critique.
I think I've lost my mind. But, I decided a bit ago that I needed to get back into jewelry making.
I have made grunge pendants in the past, about three years ago, and some charms for an Art-n-Soul retreat (a swap) several years ago.
Then, this last fall, my BFF, Molly Alexander, asked me to be in a jewelry swap. Actually, she didn't mention the word "jewelry" until I had said that I would love to be in a swap! She knows me well - if she would have mentioned "jewelry" I would have run for the hills!

Once again, God paves the path he wants me to go down. I am now making jewelry again and have started with some earrings. It's only fair that I share them with you - when I get them perfect *which they're not yet*, I'll list them in my Etsy shop so y'all can fight over who is going to get to buy them.

This top pair I made because I just loved those square turqouise stones. They have a light brown border which makes them look vintage to me. And the round stones I did some wire wrapping. I used silver wire with a copper center that should 'tarnish' with time which will give the earrings more of a vintage look. I also made the ear wires myself. They need to be shaped a bit more so they're exactly alike. I'll get right on that.

This pair (above) was made with beautiful flat round black obsidian stones *they really are so gorgeous* and a clear red glass bead that I just love. In between those two pieces is a small Petosky stone which is the Michigan state stone. 
Really. Michigan has a state stone. Odd, but so cool, because when we were kids we would go to Lake Michigan with the "diddy bags" my mom had made all of us kids and we would walk the beach looking for Petosky stones. When they're shined up or under water they have the most amazing markings that you can see. (When I found these stones at the bead shop on sale I was so excited!) So, anyway, that's the smallish tan stone between the two larger stones.
I also made the ear wires - wire wrapping and all - do I rock or what? heehee

Thanks for taking a few minutes and reading about my new adventure.
If you want to leave some CONSTRUCTIVE critizism, I welcome it!!

Happy New Year, y'all!! I hope that 2010 turns out to be even better than 2009!

God bless you,


terri said...

I think your earrings are great. I am also feeling the tug to get back to my jewelry 'roots'. Enjoy the jeweled journey.

Bettyann said...

Glad to have you back..well keep up with your urge to make jewelry..I like the earrings..bold statement..take care..

debsea said...

nice jan! i love the bottom pair, the wires are great. and welcome back!

summersundays-jw said...

Your earrings are great!! I'm thinking about trying something new -- rug hooking. It's that time of year when we need a change. Jan

Linda B said...

Jan, your jewelry is beautiful and I applaude you for posting them. Glad to see you posting something crafty:D

TinyBear said...

Those earrings are great Jan.
keep up the good work :D
wiahing you a wonderful week.
~ Tina said...

Gorgeous earrings Jan! suzie xxx

Lynn Richards said...

Welcome back, girlie!!! you are starting out with a bang!! Way to go on the earrings!!

Sherry said...

nice stuff! not sure how I found your blog today, but I'm enjoying it.


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