Thursday, March 18, 2010


Oh, yeah, this is a good one.
My sweet friend, Anne of Fiona and Twig, is having a wonderful giveaway over on her blog.
Of course, the fact that I donated some of my best vintage linens has pushed her giveaway
Of course.
And, then there was the amazing donation by Jackie of Bliss Farm Antiques, of a generous amount of French ephemera.
Now, to get you to go over to my bff's blog and enter her giveaway, I'm not going to tell you what she's putting in. It's going to be a surprise.
Yeah, a surprise and not a bad surprise like you're driving through the vastness of west Texas on Hwy. 10 in the middle of nowhere and you suddenly have to *whisper* "go not #1".
Anne's giveaway is a good surprise so get over there and enter my name so I'll have a better chance of winning my linens back.

Who loves you?? I DO!


alteredstatesstudio said...

OMG Jan!! you were sooooo right! that giveaway is to die for!!! your friend had a note to pray for your foot...i want to know what cool attachments you got with it?! hee hee! and i don't know what or why i had not gone to your etsy store, but, it is no wonder i think you are the cat's meow!!! love your mixed media!!!!!! love the style and sense of color...we are clearly cut from the same cloth!!! still praying for you!! take care!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Ha! Didn't I tell ya? If I draw your name, I still get to keep the linens. That was in the fine print on the get well card I brought ya. ;-)

We Heart Hoarders!!! ;-)


Rhondamum said...

OH, I will have to go and check it out! Thanks Jan! Hope you are feeling better. Things are busy here, but good. Love ya! R...

Debby said...

Thanks Missy!! I will have to go check this out, looks beautiful.
How are you?

Lynn Richards said...

Hey, friend!!
Love the new blog look!!!
Thanks for the heads up on the fun give away. (made better by you, of course!)

vintagesusie said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on your friends give-away!!! I'm heading there right now & I'm so sorry to say, I do expect to be winning this one!!! LOL
Have a Happy Day!

Abbie said...

Hi Jan!
Thank you for the heads up about the giveaway. Such generosity is just wonderful! :) Is Gracie a miniature pinscher? We have two minpins, bonnie and Clyde. They are a handful!
Love your blog, will be back,
The Vintage Moth

CL Beck, author: MormonMishaps said...

Thanks for clicking to follow my blog. I'm following yours, too!

Sea Dream Studio said...

I love you!!!! xoxoxxo


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