Thursday, March 4, 2010


IT SUCKS TO BE ME .....oh, that's silly!
I never think that.
Oh, wait, I thought it on Monday.
But just for a moment.
Okay, I had a few moments. *I'm smilin'*

So, here's what happened, yet another chapter in the Medical Adventures of Me. And, this Medical Adventure has a title, IT SUCKS TO BE ME.
You'll understand in a moment.

I think most of you know I have colitis. If you didn't know that and don't know what it is, well, you're just gunna have to google it - I'm not going there in pen.
(And, if you didn't know it and never wanted to know it, oops. But it explains the whole IT SUCKS TO BE ME.)
I have been in remission for a couple of years or so and then about a month ago I had a flare-up. It's still going on but I'm on a steroid that works hand in hand with my daily C. meds and it's been going pretty well; much better.
Well, I made a *really stupid* decision that I shouldn't be eating, just drinking Gatorade and water to stay hydrated. It made sense to me ("Not one word, Annette." :o)
So, for four days I did that. Oh, I had my moments of feeling a bit faint when I would stand up, but I chalked that up to my diet (I have wondered a bit about the contestants on Survivor - do they get faint because they don't have  food for a few days except for maybe a bug? Should I have been eating a few bugs?).

Everything was rockin' along until Monday and when I was walking to the bathroom...hurry, hurry...I became really faint so I leaned my forehead against the wall to wait for it to pass.
The moment didn't pass.
I did.
I passed out
It's an odd sensation.

Well it's me we're talking about and you know I don't do anything half way, but the fact that my right ankle swelled up like a balloon wasn't a big concern for me. I simply thought, ah, heck, I'll bet I bruised my ankle bad.
So I hobbled around the rest of the day. My ankle hurt so I KNEW that bone was bruised pretty badly. The pain radiated up the side of my calf and down to my toes. Ouch! Finally, bedtime and time to get off of my foot.

The next morning God nudged me and told me that perhaps xrays would be a good investment of my time. (He's so much smarter than me. lol) So I called my doc, Debbie, got her to do a lab request, got the xrays and then saw debbie in the exam room.
The news wasn't good. In fact, Debbie (and several of the smart mouthed nurses *said with a smile*) couldn't believe I had driven with my right foot.

What's the big deal??
They couldn't believe I'd been walking around on that foot.
What was I thinking??
Well, I wasn't thinking my foot was broken.

Debbie sent me to a really good ortho' surgeon in Kerrville and they fit me in that afternoon. Dr. Mitchell looked at my xrays, spoke to me in tongues and told me he was sending me to a specialist in San Antonio.
In this...
That sucker weighs as much as a small turkey, I swear.
And there was no color chart - just black.
Talk about adding insult to injury.

Off to the specialist in downtown SAtown we go the next day.
His office is in a beautiful hospital, Nix Hospital, built in the 30's.
The outside of that building is a dream.

So, I spend 5 1/2 hours sitting in a wheelchair (I was told by Dr. Mitchell that under no circumstances was my foot to meet the floor) that had a board for a seat (not really) waiting....Waiting for the appointment...waiting in the exam room for the doctor...waiting for the CAT scan...waiting for the doctor to explain the CAT scan...waiting for the scheduler to tell us what time to be back on water. We were exhaused, it was such a long day.
The Tank (staged picture) in the exam room
I loved everyone at this Foot and Ankle Center of South Texas. My doctor is Dr. Casillas, whom I really liked, and his P.A. is Ryan, who was wonderful.
P.A. Ryan and Dr. Benavides (Dr. Casillas had disappeared and I needed a picture so Dr. B. stepped in)
Okay, so here's what I learned...
I had fractured and dislocated four of my metatorsals (at the base).
That's the long bone connected to the toe bone or something like that.
The base of the metatorsals is in the middle of your foot.
Three of them were fractured, with one being "pulverized" (not my term) and two were displaced.
I also have a spiral fracture of that smaller bone in my leg, right above my ankle.

It was starting to make sense.
The fact that I was sent to be treated by these brainiacs was making sense, too.
I really destroyed my right foot - they considered the fracture above my ankle no biggie. *holding face in hands, screaming*

I was sent home with a splint that goes from my toes to the back of my knee and wrapped up like a cold mummy.
I cannot touch the floor with my right foot.
I must keep said foot elevated so that the swelling will go down and they can OPERATE. *I had been forwarned by Dr. Mitchell so I didn't cry*
I have to use a walker to get from my chair to the bathroom, to my bed, to my chair.
Oh, my gosh, no wonder I can't beat up my mother. I have no muscles.

On Monday, I return to the Nix to see if my swelling is gone, which they're anticipating, and if it is, I will be admitted to the hospital, have surgery on Tuesday and be sent home Wednesday or Thursday.

I'm thinkin' the real fun will begin after surgery.

Love you all,

P.S. Dad, I tried to call you, got your machine but wasn't allowed to leave a message and now it's today.


craftymarta said...

Ouch! Sooo sorry, I'm in pain too. It sucks. Thank God it wasn't your head or something else. It sucks anyway. Imagine, no junking for a while, now that ultra , mega suck. Now, seriosly, I hope you get to have your surgery and heal really fast. Blessings, Marta.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Jan...Honey...No more going without food. That's not a good plan for some of us. I'm glad you posted so we can send up the prayers. Take it easy and be good. I'll be praying for a fast recovery along with the rest of it.
Lots of love,

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

My poor, poor junking buddy!

If it makes ya feel any better, Fitch is on vacation this week, so you won't be missing any estate sales. ;-)

Lissssen....standing offer.....I'll be headed your way to entertain ya anytime I'm off work this next week. Just say the word.

Praying for you tonight!


April but some call me Prilyy said...

Oh Dear!Oh Dear!Oh Dear!Oh Dear!
thats pretty much al li have, oh and OUCH andddd please feel better and keep those spirits up!

LiLi M. said...

Though even this post is kinda fun to read...i wish you the very best!

Anonymous said...

i guess frank will be cancelling that order for your birthday trampoline...! please take care and do as you are told, ok? xxxxxxxxx

Molly Alexander said...

My goodness, what a crazy thing - but it wouldn't be you if it WASN'T crazy, right? I'm so sorry you got hurt & have to have surgery - a total bummer! You've got lots of prayer & millions of hugs coming from Arizona -

Love you!

:-) Molly

Caths Pennies Designs said...

That is some major damage in that foot. Wow, you must have a high pain tolerance to be able to hobble on it for a day before gettting it checked. Best wishes and lots of prayers for your upcoming surgery and healing time.

NicNacManiac said...

Holy Smokes Girl....this is some serious swelling!! Good thing you got yourself to the Doctor...OMG!!
Please take some time for yourself and DO NOT walk on that sucker!! Love your cowboy...he is adorable!
Take Care of yourself!!
Love and Hugs xOxO Nerina

Rhondamum said...

Leave it to you to make this story so entertaining. I felt kind of guilty for having a giggle here and there. I am sorry to hear about your injury though and am sending lots of prayers your way. xoxo Rhonda...

Kim said...

O.M. and G!
Girl, I have a history of fainting, and so I usually brace myself, and I mean GOOD, beforehand. You poor dear. Glad to see you are taking care of yourself and listening to your Docs. Keep your chin up and keep that sense of humor - you're gonna need it!

Debby said...

Geesh!!! I hope your are feeling better today. What the heck is next and why aren't you eating, eating? and stop drinking that gatorade crap! Keep us posted and I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers.

debsea said...

holy moley, you texas gals are a tough bunch! i am so sorry this happened to you. i think the moral of this story is that we all need to eat more and often.
i have a vision in my head of you in one of those chairs from the scooter store...with the extending gripper arm....towing a little trailer behind you...grabbing up stuff at estate sales and scooting away...please take good care, and for heaven's sake eat!!
i'll be thinking of you often

Diva Kreszl said...

oh you poor thing...keeping you in my prayers! God has a funny way of making us slow down when we don't listen to His little nudgings!

Mija said...

Woman, you are too much!!! NO, can't just be some little ankle sprain... has to be something BIG, like pulverized bones in your foot! Guess you won't be going junking any time soon. boo hoo!

I hope it doesn't hurt too much sweetie! My prayers for a safe surgery and quick recovery! Big Love to you! XOXOXOX

Jann said...

Oh, Jan! When it rains, it pours! Well, the rainbow is coming, I just know it--I will be sending up some prayers for you. "Hang in There" sounds so trite, but Hang in There! Read some good books (I can recommend some, if you want), watch some hilarious comedies, pamper yourself! Love, Jann

Bettyann said...

Jan...OMG..texas girls must be tough..You need a keeper...Im coming honey and we will whip you into cant walk...I can imagine you with a trailer behind your electric scooter...Ok girls..let's send Jan fun get well cards...Take more "fun" stories you hear!!! love bettyann

gypsysticks said...

Oh, my gosh. I hope you have a speedy and painless recovery.
with prayers....

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, I love ya! You are so darn funny, I must meet you!!!! I had that same model of footwear, only in gray. Oh lovely it was, I had that sucker on in AUGUST in LOUISIANA for 6 weeks! ICK! It is as heavy as a small turkey, you are correct. I hated that boot, hated it. My incident was not as dramatic as yours; I tripped off the steps taking my Bella potty! Lay on the porch yelling for hubs who was watching tv, never heard me. I crawled to the door to bang and when he saw me, off to the ER. I said, wait, I need make up and a bath...(it is August) nope, off we went. 5 hours later, not broken just sprained, badly. Dr. said I would wish it was I wish I had a pic, mine was a lot like yours, only black! lol
Love ya girlfriend, feel better soon. Can't wait to read the next post.....on the edge of my seat.

Canace said...

Hey Jan!

We have matching leg braces! Yayyy! (not)

You're more than entitled to say your life sucks... it does right now... but you will be off and running to treasure hunt in no time. There's no stopping that sort of obsession.

LOL @ beating up your Mom... too funny!

Take care... be well... and EAT!

carylsrealm said...

Oh my goodness. Do I have to come down there and take care of you? Hmmm...? You take care Missy! We have to have more adventures, ya hear?

Linda B said...

Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain! But leave it to you to spin your tale with humor:D

alteredstatesstudio said...

oh, my aching back Jan!!!! you poor thing! that looks awful (sorry!)!! when i saw the pic of your ankle...i knew that this was not going to be good! i will keep you in my prayers pre and post surgery! take care of yourself!! your mom will be dragging you behind her at the sales...hee, hee. keep your chin (and foot) up!!

Marti said...

Jan - Thanks for keeping us updated. Wow. You did it good, didn't you? I'm so sorry.
Praying and loving you,

Julie Ann said...

Jannnnn- your poor feet!!!! I hope you're taking it easy this weekend- being a Good Girl!! :) I'm crossing my fingers for you for Tuesday and "praying hard" as my mom would say :) Hugs and Love! :)

Priscilla said...

Ouch...are you feeling better with your foot...btw..I love the pictures of your dogs on your side bar..they are soooooooo cute..I love dogs.. I am glad I found your blog.. take care and thanks again for entering the contest.

Terri said...

Oh Jan! I am so sorry! I hope that the swelling is down and that you will be recovering in no time.
My good thoughts and prayers are with you.

christine said...

Awwww man -- poor you, indeed. But your telling of the story is FUNNY! Feel better soon!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh My Goodness Dear Jan. Bless your heart. Here you are in such pain (which such a wonderful sense of humor) and yet you come by and comfort me. I can't believe you stood the pain so long before going to the doctor.

Stay off that foot and let everyone baby and take care of you. I'll be saying a prayer. I'd run right over but Florida to Texas is quite a trip. But just think of me being by your side.

Lots of love, Tracy :)

Crystal said...

Oh Jan I know it isn't funny, but darnit why do you make me laugh so hard at your misfortune? You are quite a gal and one of these days I am going to meet you! (hopefully this side of heaven!!)
Take care of yourself my friend and I am praying for a speedy recovery and lots of good care while your foot is out of commission.

La Vie en Rose said...

Good Lord woman, IBS sucks, I know, had it as young woman, brought on by stress prolly. Never left the house with out my bottle of Kaopectate and Morphine, which you could buy over the counter but had to sign for in Tx back in the early 70's.I got worried about something, I needed a loo...PRONTO. Who knew it was all 'head' related. I still ...ah well....enough said...hang in there chicalita.

Suzanne said...

Whoa...That is one messed up ankle and foot, my friend. I am so sorry to hear about this. (But you do tell an amusing story, even in pain:-) Hope you're beginning to get around and feel a bit better. Maybe that handsome cowboy of yours can take care of you:-)
Hugs, Suzanne

kecia said...

well, goodness sakes, Jan! so why weren't you eating? (i'm assuming to calm the colitis?) next time, you better put that idea in your back pocket and go ahead and consume those calories!

hobble along and take care,


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