Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Art & Soul in Portland, out, here I come!!!
I am way past excited! I gave the idea of attending days and days of thought and woke up this last Monday morning and knew I was supposed to go! So, I signed up for my classes, made my hotel reservations and now just spend all of my time "way past excited!"!!
I was a wee bit disappointed that all of Sally Jean Alexander's classes were filled as I would dearly love to take a class from her, but I'm happy with my choices just the same.
I'm taking two classes from an amazing artist and photographer, Angela Cartwright, and a class working with metals by Leighanne Light - I'm very excited about that class!
*Anyone wishing to donate to the "send Jan to Art & Soul" fund, just email me and I'll hook ya up! LOL


easyjourney said...

Jan, I am so excited for you! Wow Angela Cartwright, I love her work and I loved her in "The sound of Music" You will have a great time with her! Sally Jean is also fab! Not familiar with Leighanne.
TTYL sunshine and ocean breezes from Florida, Astrid

T=ME said...

How exciting for you! Have you seen Sally Jean's book of Pretty Little Things? I have been trying to find a sodiering class so I can make her crown. Take lots of pics!


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