Monday, June 4, 2007


Well, I can tell you this, the Hill Country has had so much rain this spring that we're still reeling from it and I really don't think it's over *and it's June!*.
Anyhoo, because of the rain, my pink polka dot barn has suffered. I have new leaks every time it rains, the cracks in the cement floor are seeping and all of this is horrid for a paper artist!! I hate it but it doesn't surprise me because I mean, it is a 1930's barn!
Sooooo, we've moved the studio to the's still "a studio at the ranch", it's just in the main house now instead of the precious polka dot barn that we have nurtured along for three years.
What we did was hire a carpenter to put up a few shelves for rubber stamps and hang my buffet topper for shelving and viola, our new studio!
I thought you might like to see the photos of it so have attached a couple and the link to see the rest of them. I hope you enjoy my studio as much as I do!



Your polka dot barn is adorable! - Teresa

easyjourney said...

Love you studio! Has such a light airy feel about it, perfect place to create! But your pictures are too small! Are those drawers full of Rubber stamps, papers or??? I need lots of those! xxoo Astrid

abbymaya said...

Love all the light in the studio, what a terrific idea to hang the shelves in front of the windows. The polka dot barn does live on... it's also nice to meet a fellow Texan!

Mystele said...

You have a lovely studio! What neat spaces you've had to work in...I'm from your neck of the world- Austin by way of Snyder. Small world!


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