Thursday, June 14, 2007


I just finished my mother's birthday present and I wanted to share it with y'all....She turns 80 this summer and my brothers and sister and myself are surprising her with a surprise "week at Lake Michigan" which will include all of us, grandchildren, nieces, might just kill her! LOL - The surprise element is going to be intense - she doesn't have a clue!
I wanted to share with y'all the present I have spent weeks working's about 2' x 2' and I scoured for the pictures I wanted to use on this project, scanned them, resized them, turned my brother, Randy, into a fairy, an aunt into a mermaid, and, well, just take a look ........... The pictures I took of it aren't the highest quality so I'll tell you what will be oh, so noticable when it's viewed......all of the pictures of me - I'm precious!!!


Kari said...

That is a super gift for her, I am sure she will love it.

Have a great surprise party!

Kari x
PS: your boys look adorable, can I adopt one, LOL?


She's gonna love it!

Altered Kat said...

Great gift Jan! I'm sure she'll LOVE it! It's fab!

easyjourney said...

How wonderful! Mom is gonna love it! Have a great trip! TTYL Astrid


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