Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi, you sweet things! You know how fun it is to get art supplies in the mail that you ordered? You open the mailbox and instead of bills and flyers there it is *laying on top of the bills and flyers*, your order - oh, that feeling!
You know what's even better?
When you open the mailbox and there are two prizes that you've won in blog contests and they're really cool prizes! That happened to me this week!
I had posted comments on two blog friend's blogs and later on I find out that I had won not one, but two contests.

Now THAT'S fun!

I wanted to show you what I won - I'm so excited!

First, I won a print of a precious piece of art that my dear friend, Pam Warden, had painted. She is an amazing artist and I encourage you to visit her blog and her etsy store. And see the scripture on her piece? I love that scripture - and then she personalized it with my name! Isn't it wonderful?
The other prize that I won came from a fellow Texan, Amy Huff! She gave me the most incredible necklace. I adore it! It's got the most beautiful pale pink beads and you know how I love pale pink! The whole piece is fabulous. Please be sure and visit her blog and etsy store.
Thanks for sharing in my 'gifts', y'all - I have loved showing them to you!
I hope y'all are having a fabulous day and giving the Lord all of the glory!


3 comments: said...

So glad you are enjoying your print:)
Thanks for the kind comments. You are so sweet.

abbymaya said...

I'm glad it got there safely and you're enjoying it. You need some fun to relieve this Texas heat wave! :)

SweetAnnee said...

You are lucky!!! Love your treasures.!!


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