Monday, July 14, 2008


WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Finally, an art retreat that's in Texas! I can drive to it!
In my convertible!!
With my top down!!!
I'm so excited about this that I just must blog it!

Ever been to Texas?
Do you live in Texas?
Do you wish you lived in Texas?
Always wanted to visit to Texas?
Wanna learn how to say "y'all" & "fixin" with meaning?
Wanna meet me?
Spend time with me?
Cuz I'll be there

AND I'm teaching a class!! *hands to face screaming*

If you want to come to a really cool, totally fabulous, rockin', amazing, kick your heels up retreat, then go to the blog listed below and you can get all the information you need and get yourself signed up!

A lot of work is going into this retreat, it's being held in a historic Texas town and being put on by two amazing artists, Tina Wright and Cindy Mayfield - go check out their blogs - I'll bet if you don't recognize their names, you'll recognize their blogs! Oh, and the teachers - have I used the word amazing yet???
And, of course, there's vendor night and other goodies - oh, get over to the blog and check it out!!
So, go y'all, visit the blog and sign up! I want you to come! I want to spend time with you! I want you to have FUN with us and take amazing classes! We're going to have a hoot and we want you to be a part of it!



cindy said...

Hey honey! Thanks for posting this! We do appreciate it! So glad you are going to get your class I can sign up for it! LOL. I do think this will all be a blast...if for nothing else than to finally meet all you guys.


Tina said...

Woohoo! your top down?? I wanna see that :) thanks Jan for the post!! can't wait to see ya!!

Anonymous said...

YAHOOO!! this is going to be so much fun! I am off to bug hubby for some money and get my plans together!!! hope to see yall soon! hugs


Suzie Button said...

Hi, Jan, I don't see details in the signup on where to send money for individual classes or the address in Waxahachie. I live in a suburb in Dallas and a girlfriend and I are interested in coming. Where do we send the money for each individual class? Thanks! Can't wait to meet you!
My email is Thanks again!


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