Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is pretty exciting for me! I've been picked to be a part of an Etsy member's Treasury! is the link - it's Coconutty's Treasury and I again thank her! I'm honored! Go see her Treasury and see if you can find my piece:)

And I have spent all week on tags. I don't know what it is, y'all, but these vintage postcard tags are callin' to me! I must make them into tags! LOL
I'm making some new ones that I started last night and if my phone stops ringing I
might even have them finished by this evening - and maybe posted tomorrow (can you hear God laughing?)
Here's some new ones I have finished:

So, it's back to work (how can I call what I/we do "work"?? hahaha)
Have a fabulous day and know you're loved!




Laurel said...

Hey Jan - Congrats on the Treasury! And your new tags are all quite lovely!

kecia said...

yeah, a treasury - that's great! good things are coming your way,

paula clare said...

Hi Jan,
The tags are GORGEOUS! The glitter and colors are just yummy! Off to check out the treasury! Blessings!

Tina said...

yummy, glitter, sweet, super wonderful...what else can I say?

Sadie said...

Hello! Thanks for adding the LolliShops button to your blog!
I'm going to have a reward soon--offering rewards to everyone who added a button. I didn't want to bribe people so I'm just doing it for those who did it by their own free will.
Watch the blog to stay in the loop and get details!
~Sadie Lou
(cute blog!)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the treasure!! I love the cake tags! super duper cute! hugs



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