Monday, February 18, 2008

FEATHER YOUR NEST....and i'm obviously on a roll!

I have a good customer that is redoing her bathroom and wanted something special for this one smaller wall. I went with her botanical theme and quickly twisted it into a bird *botanical* theme - birds are my new love!
Well, not exactly 'new' love, I was collecting nests and bird papers last summer but am just now getting to put them to good use in some art!
I assembled this piece in a black shadow box in which I used a beautiful green botanical paper for the background, I used some wonderful egg and bird pictures to go along with a precious Paper Whimsy girl and half of a real nest and a real egg.

I love the way the real nest and egg look in the shadow box.If you look closely at the nest you can see all of the wonderful things the original homeowners used in the building of their home! There's even a small piece of cellophane in there.
Tomorrow I'm anxious to work up a white on white piece! I LOVE BEING BACK!!





Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Love this piece!!! Lucky person that gets to hang this in their house!!! I loved reading all your new posts, you are on a roll!!! So glad to see you creating and having fun!!! Keep it up...birds and nest are the best, so spring and we are all so ready for that!!! I bought some beautiful bird eggs and some little birdies yesterday and some potted pink cabbage roses....come on spring!!! -Sandra

Tina said...

So,who climbed up there to get that nest for you??lol.. I've been on the look out for one to use too, but they have been to high up or the tree to skinny for my big butt to be in...Loooks great, you did good girl!

kecia said...

as i suspected it is beautiful! nice job, jan.
xoxo kEciA

barbara burkard said...

beautiful piece! i was over at your etsy...and that fairy tea party piece is just soooo beautiful! my granddaughters room is done in old!!! love love love it~!~!!! wishing it was in the budget! lol


SweetAnnee said...

Well that is GORGEOUS
and I am partiial to birds


cindy said...

This turned out amazing! I love the whole look and feel of it.


Loudlife said...

This is sooooooooo cool! I love it!



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