Sunday, February 3, 2008


Finally, I am feeling fabulous - though it may be relative to how I have felt the last three months, I love the fact that when someone asks me how I'm doing, how are you really feeling, I can honestly tell them that I feel fabulous!
Though I have to take things slow and I tire easily, I really feel good - good enough to do several things that I haven't had the energy to do since before Thanksgiving.
Like clean up the dump site I call my studio, cook some meals for my family, go to the movies, get back in church, and yesterday I took a soldering class - WOOHOO!!!
There's more but I've been too sick to remember everything. LOL

In getting my life back into some sort of order has allowed me to re-read the posts, the emails, the cards and letters that I have received from so many of you. I have also felt good enough to enjoy the lovely gifts that many of you have sent to let me know that you're thinking of me. And, oh my gosh, this was such a surprise, I had to drop out of a
Paper Whimsy Banner Swap and my dear partner made my letter for me and sent me a completed banner.
Amazingly thoughtful.

The picture above is in reference to a post where I told you about the beautiful necklace that my precious friend,
Keesha, made for me for Christmas - I told you then that I would show you a picture of it when I was feeling better.
That would be today!! Yippee!
Isn't it just the coolest? I simply adore it.

Everyone in the art community that I call a friend has been so thoughtful.
I even received a phone call from a blog friend that I've never even met before! How darling is that?? I try to explain to Frank the Tank what dear friends you all are to me, those of you that I know from the art community, women I've never met face to face, women that I've shared an art retreat with, women that I feel closer to than most of my face to face friends, and I don't think he gets it.
Oh, of course he doesn't get it - he's a man and he's not an artist!

I hope y'all get it - how much I cherish you - you know who I'm talking to.

God bless you,




Denise said...

Jan, so glad to hear that you're feeling better.

kecia said...

good to have you back! thanks for posting a pic of my necklace - it was good to see it again! hope the superbowl tackle on your studio is going well - who's winning? lol! i just cleaned my studio and it's already a wreck! hard to keep up with it!

Angela Rae said...

Jan! What an amazing necklace that Kecia made!!! Just beautiful! And it's awesome to have you back!!! You've been missed! I joined a "share your stash" swap and I emailed the lady off list asking her what she liked, and she replied, anything old, worn, ragged... so lucky I asked, I was going to send her a ton of "cutsy"!!! So, that forced me to go through PILES and I mean PILES of papers and stuff to dig out a huge pile of goodies for her... needless to say, I ended up "organizing" quite a bit, if you call organizing, placing product with similiar product!!! I will go through and sort by themes (Rubberstamps) some day... or color (paper).. but it gave me a great head start on my studio space... and I'm determined to make a huge dent in what I own. So, hang in there... and it's so good to hear that you're feeling so much better dear Jan!
Love ya,

Heidi ( said...

Jan! So glad you're on the up and up! But do take it easy and don't over do it! You even felt well enough to take a soldering class! Hope you enjoyed it, I loved learning to solder!

Altered Kat said...

FABULOUS!...I'm so thrilled you are feeling FABULOUS!...that's wonderful news! :o)

Kat...lovely pendant/ sweet!

abbymaya said...

Gorgeous necklace and it's wonderful that you're feeling great and getting back to what you love. It's awesome that you're doing so well!

Laurel said...

She's back! She's back! She's baaaaaaccckkkk!!!! (jumping up and my mind)

SweetAnnee said...

I am SO glad you are feeling better!
and doing things you love, like CREATING!!
take is slow..and take good care of you
but have FUN!???
smiles, Deena

barbara burkard said...

so happy you liked the banner! Patti and I thought you deserved a happy moment of art!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe your soldering! It is so difficult for me ..cough! Did you receive your sign yet? LOL Denise


So glad to hear that you are feeling better!!! And were able to take your class! Continue to feel better and take care!!!

Blaiz said...

Jan, I'm so glad you're feeling better! I've been thinking about you every day and checking your blog periodically to see if you surfaced!

Kecia, the necklace is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi did you receive your sign yet? My blog address is shabbycottage.blogspot now.

Sarah said...

Lovely charm you made!


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