Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hi guys! We made it to Michigan last night and mom slept in her own bed for the first time in weeks - I think she was happy to be back home; it's always good to get home after being away, isn't it?

So, okay, here are pictures and a few words to show you our trip through Kentucky and Indiana.....{btw, Indiana is the longest up and down state in the world if it's your third day on the road!}
This is Sophie in the hotel room ready for some shut-eye. She was a wee bit cuter {whiter} before her extended stay at the ranch. Mother's already made her an appointment with her personal groomer to get her back to looking like a city dog.
This was a hoot! This lady and several others were passing out flyers around the courthouse square in a town called Brownsville - don't ask me what state, I can't remember....they all start running together after a few hours on the road! LOL Anyway, evidently there's a problem with the judicial system in this precious town and the way they treat the "poor black and white men". I so wanted to stay and wear a placard and pass out flyers with her but my mother was a party-pooper and made me drive on.
One thing that was really cool about Brownsville was the historical markers in front of the historical homes - they showed the name of the original owner and the date it was built. Way cool.
Now, someone needs to help me here. We saw SO MUCH flooding - oh, my gosh, it was amazing how many fields of crops were under water. We didn't get it at first and actually, still don't get it. I don't watch the news or read the paper but I'm guessing it's been raining in Tennessee, Kentucky and south Indiana. Am I right? Someone fill us in, 'k?

There was water along the roadways {backroads that we traveled} like everywhere and forever. It was amazing. And the fields filled with water - that was horrible thinking about the farmers losing those crops.
Very cool windows in a very cool abandonded building in Tennessee.
Another cool window - still in Tennessee.
I love old doors and I LOVED these! Great color, huh. ....still in Tennessee.
This house and the one below............hard to tell if they're living in a "swamp" by choice or if they're in water because of rain. Either way, creepy looking so we did a U-ey and went back and took the pictures:) You could hardly see the house below.
I'm really glad you're coming along with me! Let me know you're here so I will know how many Blizzard's to order at the next Dairy Queen!

xoxo, Jan


Tina said...

LOVE those Greenish doors!! Glad you and your mom have had an aweseom trip!!!! Loved hearing about it!!!

kecia said...

some great pictures, Jan!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Yikes, I hear banjos.

Love this road trip...

xo Rella


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