Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hi everyone! .....I was blog surfing one night several weeks ago and came across an artist's blog that showed how she was wallpapering a closet to make it a cute work area for her art.
Obviously, I don't remember what blog I was looking at (that's so me). I'd give her credit for the idea if I knew who she was - I loved how her closet was looking!! I found out that the blogger was Pam Garrison - I'm so happy to be able to give her credit!
I remembered the look because it was so cute and one day last week I decided that I wanted to wallpaper one of the doors in my studio.............
And what's a wallpapered door without some sweet whimsys? LOL
I added a row of those sweet whimsys across the middle of the door and it just made it!!

I love my door! Every time I walk into my studio it's right in front of me and it makes smile really big!! ......Thanks for looking!




Heidi ( said...

Wow, great door! Now, I'm looking around my house to see what door I could do that too! The blog you saw the scrapbooked-closet-wall was Teresa McFadden's! It was great, and your door turned out great too!

Okay...memory time... When I was a teen I wallpapered an entire bathroom and bedroom walls with posters! Remember those days? Well, we're still doing that but with scrapbook and ephemeria paper!


Heidi ( said...

Oops, Jan, I gave you the wrong name! It was Pam Garrison!

Check it out here:


Tina said...

What fun!!!

Steph said...

I love that!! Need to file this idea away to use in the future....Thanks!!

SweetAnnee said...

How fun. It's inspiration to create something and a delight to see!
smiles, Deena

cindy said...

It's adorable. I really like that look too. I think it was Alicia (Posy gets cozy) that started it all. Your's is too dang cute too!


Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Hello Jan!!! Love that door...looking around my house to find one to do!!! I would love to look at that door everyday!!! I am peeking my head above the water finally and sooooo miss visiting with you...loved the email you sent!! You have been so creative...makes me need to run to the studio to play and make art!!! Must make time for that! Thanks for showing us so many wonderful goodies!-Sandra


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