Friday, March 28, 2008


SNOW is white, fluffy and lovely all over! Oh, my gosh, y'all, I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw FOUR INCHES OF SNOW on the top of my car and on the top of, well, everything else!
Actually, it had started snowing yesterday afternoon and by evening it was just pouring snow - it was so beautiful; so, so beautiful.
So when I went to bed, I opened up the blinds all the way so that when I would wake up in the night I would be able to see the snow covered landscape. What a blessing it was to see the moonlit, snow covered ground - it made me smile - even at 3 a.m!

The following photos are ones that I took this morning when Joan and I drove around the area looking for good photo ops!


This next one is my favorite one - do you see the red brick chimney through the tree limbs? Isn't that great?

I said goodbye to my sister and my niece and left for Ohio about noon. One of the prettiest sites I saw while driving the back roads of Ohio was this fabulous round barn.

An old white barn, a rusty old pick-up truck and a chain link fence - I made a U-ey to get this shot!
I'm sitting in my brother's living room with my sister-in-law, Eileen, watching America's Next Top Model - I hate to admit it but I am watching it to make fun of Tyra and Jade. (Oh, admit it - Tyra drives you nuts, too.)
It's good to be here and Eileen and I have some fun shopping planned!
Of course, I'll keep you posted as the weekend progresses!
xoxo, Jan


SweetAnnee said...

are you crazy???
I'm SICK of that stuff!!

glad your trip is such a joy..

love ya,

Dawn said...

Snow is beautiful - in your pics that just where I like to see it.
Worth dropping by from PW to share your travels.
Makes me laugh the amount of u-eys you do, surprised you get anywhere...I would travel with you just to get the shots that you do hhehehhee

Tina said...

Awesome photos!!! The tree lined road was my fav until the red round barn popped up! that one is Fantastik!!

carylsrealm said...

Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Love the beautiful photographs. The road, barn, and cemetery pics are wonderful! Looks cold but a nice enjoyable trip.

Earthtone Studios said...

These are great pictures. sounds like a great trip.


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